Trembley not concerned about impact on the clubhouse

Dave Trembley sure has concerns about closer Mike Gonzalez and his two blown saves to start the year. But he said he is not concerned that Gonzalez's blown saves will impact in a negative way a clubhouse that features young players and a young pitching staff. "We have a clubhouse that is above expectations as far as guys backing each other up, sticking together as a team and understanding the big picture and what it's all about," Trembley said. "Izturis, Tejada, Markakis, Jones, I think all of them have gone up to Gonzalez and all the other guys and said 'hey, it's not on you, we had our chances and we could have done this, done that.' "I've seen it, I've heard it and if you had been in there you would have seen the same thing." Meanwhile, on a completely different topic, Trembley spoke with pride today about Adam Jones. Jones will be presented with his Gold Glove Award in a pre-game ceremony here tonight. Paul Blair, an eight-time Gold Glove Award winner, will take part in the ceremony. "I called Jones in and told him how proud we were of him today. I hope he understands the significance of the award he is getting. Not only for himself but for what it means to the Baltimore Orioles organization. "And also, to be very honest with you, what it means because he is an African-American. "This is a very historic day for the Orioles and Adam Jones. I told him to understand the responsibility now that comes along with you walking out there tonight and accepting that award. "We had a nice conversation about those things. I love Adam Jones, I love him."

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