Trembley's not concerned about Roberts

Second baseman Brian Roberts had an endoscopy today to determine the source of his gastrointestinal discomfort, but the Orioles believe the ailment is related to the medication he's taken for his herniated disk and other aches and pains. "I talked to him last night," manager Dave Trembley said. "It's his feeling that he's been taking a lot of medication. I think he's off the medication now. Some of the medication might have just upset his stomach, so that was another issue he was dealing with. "I don't think it's related to anything other than that. It would kind of be like me eating six or seven Advil with a Diet Pepsi. It's going to take its toll on you. That's kind of what it was. He was taking a lot of medication, plus he was sick. "I saw him with a bat in his hands last night sitting in the dugout, so that was good. I think he's getting itchy, i think he's getting anxious. It would be good to get him started in some sort of baseball activities, but we can't do it until he gets clearance from the doctors." I was concerned when I heard the word "itchy," which sounds like another side effect.

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