Trembley talks about Matusz (with video)

Orioles manager Dave Trembley wasn't tempted to return Brian Matusz to the mound in the seventh inning. In his opinion, and that's the one that counts, Matusz was done after allowing three runs and throwing 96 pitches through six. "I don't think it was the right thing to do to let him face their lineup again for the fourth time," he said. "Having to work as hard as he did the first three times and the amount of guys who got on base every inning, the amount of two-strike pitches he had to make with foul balls, he was done. He was done. "You don't ask any more of a guy like that. Not in April."
Dave Trembley talks with the media after the O's 4-0 loss to the Yankees

Trembley praised Matusz for toughening when the Yankees had runners on base. "That's his strength," Trembley said. "He bears down. His focus is very good. He makes quality pitches in tough situations. He went around that lineup and he didn't have any easy outs. He had to really bear down and work, but it tells you something about Matusz." Are the starters becoming frustrated by an offense that gives them such little margin for error? "I don't sense that, I don't feel that, I don't hear that," Trembley said. "Our starting pitching for the most part has been very good. We've played a lot of close games and the starters have gotten their fair share of quality starts and we haven't scored a lot of runs for them, but they just need to keep doing their job and hope the offense picks it up and we can score some runs and break through this thing."

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