Trembley talks about the loss and Tillman's no-no

Opening statement: "You wouldn't want to draw it up getting behind 5-0 to Sabathia. That's a tough hill to climb. And Guthrie starts out pitching behind. The Yankees got way too good of a hitting club to be getting so many three-ball counts. I think 22 or 23 of the guys he faced, he had seven three-ball counts and then had to come in to them. They put runs on the board early and Sabathia is too good of a pitcher. We had to come back and got in it. We got in it. We needed a couple hits and it didn't happen. But we've got a chance to come out tomorrow and win the series, so that's what our mindset will be."
Dave Trembley meets with the media after the O's 8-3 loss to the Yankees
On Guthrie dropping down more tonight in his delivery: "I thought the first couple of innings, he was showing a different style, a different delivery for him. Probably the best that he pitched was the third and the fourth, but the first two innings, I thought right out of the chute he was throwing from a lower arm slot and it just didn't seem like that was comfortable for him and it wasn't working for him. "I talked to Wieters between innings and he thought he was just overthrowing, trying to throw the ball as hard as he could. I think after the second, that's when he went back to throwing the way he had been earlier in the year. Much better mechanics, much better arm slot, and obviously he had better results. But the way he started the game, he was going at them with a different approach." On Chris Tillman's no-hitter: "That's obviously a tremendous accomplishment by one of our real bright prospects and a guy we think a great deal of, so I'm sure it's a real thrill for him and I look forward to hearing about it." On CC Sabathia: "He makes big pitches when he has to and he's got the ability to repeat his secondary pitches and they're very good. His changeup is very good and his breaking pitch is very good, and obviously as big as he is and he's throwing 93 and 94 and pounding the ball inside on you, and then he can pitch away with the changeup and he can drop the breaking pitch in there at any time. We got his pitch count up. He made quality pitches with men on base right from the very first inning. We had a chance in the first inning to get a two-out hit and it didn't happen. And it seemed like when he had to make quality pitches with two outs and guys on base, he did, and he was able to repeat it inning after inning after inning."
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