Ugly fourth inning

It's a good thing this is an intrasquad game and not the home opener against Toronto. The Orioles halted the bottom of the fourth inning with two outs because Troy Patton reached his pitch limit. Rhyne Hughes had a two-run single, Pedro Florimon had an RBI single and Craig Tatum increased the Orange Team's lead to 5-2 with a sacrifice fly. We have two more errors on the board for the Black Team, giving them five for the day. Right fielder Jonathan Tucker dropped a fly ball near the line, and Miguel Abreu lost control of the ball while attempting to tag the runner heading to second with out one. Abreu appeared to lose track of the outs. He needed to start a double play, but it looked like he thought the tag would end the inning. Yes, it's March 1.
No defense for that inning
Tillman talks about his outing

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