Welcome to CC's house

Tough night for CC Sabathia. He's got a 4-1 lead, the Orioles are beating every ball into the ground, usually early in the count and now home plate ump Bill Kohn won't give him a close pitch. How does the guy deal with it? Sabathia just barked at the ump and started walking toward home plate in the top of the seventh. Kohn, I guess showing restraint, didn't respond much as Joe Girardi rushed to the mound. Meanwhile, it looked to me like Jeremy Guthrie had plenty of close pitches called balls especially early in this game. Maybe he's not allowed to argue in CC's house. Don't want Joe Girardi to get mad at him again.

One bad inning does spoil the whole bunch
Number 9, Number 9 (w/Koji update)

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