Welcome to the home opener

Well, it looks like O's fans are almost none the worse for wear this morning after another high-wire act by Mike Gonzalez. That's a little too much drama this early in the year, especially for some of us, if you know what I mean. Glad to we don't have to wake up to 0 and 3 with two blown saves, that would put a damper on Opening Day in Baltimore. I'm at the Yard and we'll get some pregame comments and notes when the clubhouse opens before too long. By 6 tonight, the O's could be 2 and 2, that would be a nice turnaround after the 0-2 start. The ballpark looks beautiful, it's sunny but chilly. If you are coming out, bring at least a light jacket. The O's starters have been pretty solid so far, now if they can just get deeper into games. It seems O's pitchers just struggle to keep their pitch count down early in games. Still, the results from the first three starters were good and they kept their team in the game. If they pitch to an ERA like they did vs. Tampa,. the O's will be positioned to have a good year. Meanwhile, who knows what to make of Gonzalez. Hopefully, this is just a slow start, nerves, or whatever. He seemed to be throwing the kitchen sink out there last night, trying anything to make it work. I can't imagine too many fans though he would get Zobrist out to end the game. I sure had my doubts.
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