Well, at least the starting pitching has been good

An Orioles fan can hang his or her hat on that right now and almost nothing else. Through seven games, the ERA of the starters is 3.89 with four quality starts. Last April, the O's didn't produce a fourth quality start until game 16. But the solid pitching has been wasted by blown saves, awful hitting and base-running mistakes. The pitchers can only do so much. But moving forward, if they continue to get decent work like this from the starters, the wins should come. At least a few and more than one every seven games. During spring training, there was a lot of concern about Kevin Millwood and Jeremy Guthrie. Now Millwood has an ERA of 2.13 and Guthrie has put together two straight quality starts with a 4.05 ERA. It will be interesting to see today's lineup. What changes will Dave Trembley make and will it do any good? After last night's game he indicated some shakeups could be coming. It's quite ironic that the team is 1 and 6. No losing team I can think of got more positive press this winter than the Orioles. And it was not only from the local media, but national pundits, columnists and experts all saying things like the O's could contend if they were not in the AL East. It's time to see some evidence of that, don't you think?
Mets, N.L. East not sleeping on Nats any more
Lineup changes coming?

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