What does the 1 and 5 start mean?

So the Orioles have started the year 1-5. They have an injured star player who may be headed for the DL, a struggling closer and they are scoring on average just three runs per game. Oh yeah and they soon have a West Coast road trip and have yet to play the Yankees and Red Sox. Hard to predict a winning streak is in their near future. Here are several ways a fan could feel about this: *Just see a poor record and believe it's the same old Orioles and they stink. *Put most of the blame on Mike Gonzalez and say the blown saves left the club downtrodden which led to them playing with little spirit in the last two days vs. Toronto. Orioles_Mound-Visit-Wide.jpg *Blame the offense and feel like when the bats match up with the decent starting pitching some wins will come. *Blame Dave Trembley. *Be a little down about the record but realize the solid starting pitching is a good sign for better things to come. We hope. *Realize that even with good starting pitching, an offense scoring three runs per game and closer who is 1 for 3 in save chances will lead to five losses in six games. I went into this season basing the possibility for legit improvement on a better starting rotation. We've seen some pretty decent starts and the starters' ERA is 3.89. That's good. But it hasn't translated to wins. The blown leads and terrible hitting with runners in scoring position offset the work of Millwood and company. Going forward, the offense should be better than this. Right? It can't be three runs per game bad. The closer situation we just don't know about. If they straighten out Mike Gonzalez's mechanics, will he still struggle? If he does, that could be a major blow to this season. It's not easy to read the mixed signs to start this season and know what it means going forward. I'd like to think the rotation can continue to be solid and other parts of team will get better and so will the record. I'd hate to think what the alternative means right now.

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