What if they don't sign Machado?

First of all, don't let that headline scare you. There is no word yet on whether the O's will or won't sign Machado tonight, but the guess remains that they do get it done. I'll keep you posted all night with anything I hear. Meanwhile, as of 7pm, no other O's signings to announce and the clock is ticking toward midnight. If the O's don't come to terms with Manny Machado by midnight tonight, they will lose his rights and will get a compensation pick in next year's draft that could be as high as the fourth overall pick. Some fans feel the O's would be in great position if that happened for next year's draft, with possibly two of the top five picks in what is considered a deep draft. I asked Baseball America's Jim Callis about that possibility. Does is give the O's some leverage in the Machado talks knowing they get a pick next year if they don't sign him? "Yes and no. I don't think you look at it that way as leverage. While it's a deeper draft (next year) this year's draft was really good with the top three players. If Machado was in next year's draft, he'd be in contention to be the number one pick. "I don't think he'd necessarily go ahead of Rendon or a couple of the college pitchers, but I guess the best way to put it. I don't they are getting an appreciably better player than Machado next year even if you get the comp pick. "You also run a little bit of a risk because, that pick is not protected next year. You sign that pick or you get nothing. What if the player there next year is represented by Scott Boras? I think it's in their best interest to do everything to sign him (Machado) now," Callis said.

A call to arms?
Machado Man

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