What's your Black Friday shopping wish for the Nationals?

It's Black Friday, which means around the country people stayed up all night so they could fight off their fellow citizens with sticks trying to snag a cheap television or washing machine or Tickle Me Elmo or whatever it is people fight each other over these days.

(Suffice it to say, I don't know a thing about any of this. I prefer to do my shopping at 11 a.m. on random Tuesdays, when nobody else can get in your way.)

But I guess Black Friday is a big thing for many because it presents the opportunity to get significant savings on items that might otherwise be out of people's price ranges.

Rizzo-with-media-sidebar.jpgAnd so that got me thinking about how such a promotion might work in the baseball world. Not necessarily the great savings part because the current state of the sport doesn't provide many opportunities for steals of deals. But the frantic, gotta-have-it nature of Black Friday.

Every team has that one blockbuster move they would love to make if given the chance. The big free agent signing. The prospects-for-superstar trade. The hiring of an elite manager or general manager.

Surely the Nationals like sit around and ponder such things. If they could make any one move out there, what would it be? Would they want a power-hitting outfielder to plug into the middle of their lineup, a la Yoenis Cespedes or Andrew McCutchen? Would they want yet another dominant starting pitcher to make their rotation even more fearsome, a la Chris Sale? Would they want the most intimidating closer in the game, shoring up the ninth inning for years to come, a la Aroldis Chapman?

What say you? You've camped outside all night. They're about to bust open the doors to the store. Everyone's going to come pouring in from the parking lot, eyes locked on that one big prize they seek. What are you going after?

(Hey, it's the day after Thanksgiving! You have something better to do?)

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