What the Nationals are thankful for today

It's a tumultuous time in the world, but today we all pause to spend time with family and friends and appreciate what we have.

That applies to the Nationals, as well. (Hey, these guys are human beings. They have feelings, too!)

And so in honor of this fourth Thursday of November, we present to you what each of the following Nats are most thankful for right now. (These are 100 percent accurate, I assure you. I would never make up fake news just to get readers riled up!) ...

MAX SCHERZER: For another Cy Young Award and the ability to celebrate it on a boat in the Virgin Islands with good friends.

STEPHEN STRASBURG: For a pain in the elbow that wasn't the worst kind of pain in the elbow.

TANNER ROARK: For a permanent spot in the Nats rotation, no matter who they acquire this winter.

GIO GONZALEZ: For a left arm that can throw a baseball more than 90 mph, and all the perks that come to those blessed with that trait.

WILSON RAMOS: For the strongest will most of us have ever seen in a professional ballplayer.

RYAN ZIMMERMAN: For the introduction of "exit velocity" and "launch angle" to the mainstream baseball lexicon.

murphy-scherzer-high-five-red.pngDANIEL MURPHY: For an National League East contender that actually appreciated him.

DANNY ESPINOSA: For one ridiculously hot month at the plate.

ANTHONY RENDON: For a healthy season and the opportunity to re-establish himself as one of the best young players in the game.

JAYSON WERTH: For reaching the final year of a seven-year contract a far more productive player than many expected to be when he signed it.

TREA TURNER: For whoever's idea it was to give him an outfielder's glove.

BRYCE HARPER: For the ability, even in a down year, to still hit 24 homers, drive in 86 runs, steal 21 bases, compile a .373 on-base percentage and an .814 OPS.

MARK MELANCON: For the right, after being traded four times in six years, to actually choose the team he wants to pitch for in 2017.

SHAWN KELLEY: For three-year contracts even after two Tommy John surgeries.

SEAN BURNETT: For Shawn Kelley.

DUSTY BAKER: For Bud Black saying no, and for an opportunity he didn't know he'd ever get again.

MIKE RIZZO: For Bud Black saying no, and for Dusty Baker still being available.

MARK ZUCKERMAN: For the opportunity to continue doing what I love for a 13th consecutive year, and for all those who have made that possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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