What to do with Pie

Has anyone been able to find the reset button on this season? I'll gladly take the tip of a pen and press it inside that little hole. Whatever it takes to start over. If the Orioles can't lead the league in wins, maybe they'll take first in injuries. Felix Pie's shoulder won't heal, and he left last night's game in obvious pain after taking a hard cut. Manager Dave Trembley has sat him against left-handers, but not only because of the percentages. He just can't use Pie every night without risking further injury - or a new one. Pie is a dynamic player and he's swinging the bat well, but he isn't durable. I think we've established that much. Felix-Pie_Home-Tall.jpg Koji Uehara looks at Pie and must think, "Wow, that guy gets hurt a lot." Lou Montanez showed up at spring training with the attitude that he had no shot at making the team, no matter how hard he tried, but there was no point in getting upset over it. No, that wouldn't have done him any good. No way. Remember his "third monkey on Noah's gangplank" line? The best of the spring. I reminded him that Pie's health has been an issue and Nolan Reimold's still recovering from Achilles surgery and Adam Jones didn't make it through the 2009 season. Montanez knew all if it. He wasn't rooting for anyone to get hurt or aggravate an existing condition, but he also understood it would be the only way for a spot to open for him. Perhaps that's been done again, with Pie leaving last night's game. Montanez would be the logical replacement if Pie goes on the DL, and the Orioles must strongly consider the move. Pie wouldn't have started tonight with lefty Dallas Braden on the mound for Oakland, but it's gotten to the point where the shoulder pain must be addressed in a more aggressive nature than applying ice packs and resting him for a game. Pie's shoulder hurts when he throws, and sometimes when he swings. This season has been one big pain for all of us. Montanez is hitting .259 with five RBIs in seven games. Jeff Salazar is 6-for-15 with a homer. Joey Gathright's hitting .154. Rhyne Hughes is crushing the ball and has made five appearances in the outfield, but the Orioles might prefer a more experienced glove. I assume the Orioles would choose Montanez. The way they're playing, I wonder if Montanez would choose them.
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