When will this all end?

I'd say I don't remember a worse Orioles start ever, but I do. I remember 0 and 21 in 1988. I also remember the 1978 season when the Orioles were blown out in three straight games vs. Milwaukee. They were outscored 40 to 11 and Eddie Murray played third base. That didn't last long. Eddie at third or the losing. That team won 90 games. This team looks like it will lose 90. I don't think you could have dreamed up a worse start to the year. The team can't get a clutch hit, the offense is awful, the bullpen terrible and now the starters are not pitching as well either. The first inning last night was the ultimate in O's fan frustration. Tejada hit a rocket to third and Kouzmanoff robbed him, keeping the O's off the board. Moments later, David Hernandez had Rajai Davis easily picked off first, but he avoided Garrett Atkins tag and soon the A's had two runs. Do those things happen because the Orioles are just unlucky or do those things happen to bad teams? Mike-Gonzalez_Mound-Visit-W.jpg The team's play seems so uninspired. They went on the road with a chance for a fresh start. Three thousand miles away, nothing changed. Luke Scott insisted to me last week that no one feels worse than the players about this start. I won't dispute his feelings, they seemed very genuine to me. Now we need to see evidence of that in someone's play. It just looks so bad right now, like they don't even care. It does at least look that way. What happened to the organization that almost every national media outlet was praising over the winter as a team 'on the rise.' At the start the O's were in every game and taking leads to the late innings. We all know they should have won the series at Tampa to set a tone for the year. Now they are falling behind big early and losing by bigger margins. Already? I still believe in the club's long-term plan of building with youth and the farm system. Ten games, no matter how bad, has not changed that. But right now it's hard to have faith in anything the organization has done. Some fans have packed it in on this team already. A club that cannot afford to lose a single fan is losing them. Every night it seems like it can't worse, they've hit rock bottom, than it does get worse. We've all vented to each other. Now it's time, well beyond time, for someone to step up on this club and get a win. Please someone, anyone. There are still some loyal fans out there that love this team and will forever. The O's need to return that loyalty and fast.
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