Who does No. 2 work for?

I made it to Ocean Pines without having to pull off the road and blog about a trade. I won't bother to ask president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail whether he's close to making another deal. One phone call changes everything, and I'd need to sit next to him all day to make sure his original answer holds up. He hasn't extended the invitation. We've figured out that Josh Bell is the primary replacement for Miguel Tejada at third base, but who becomes the No. 2 hitter? Nick Markakis handled those duties last night and he homered in the third inning. He's hitting .324 with three homers and eight RBIs in 68 at-bats in the second slot. Move him up in the order and you'll need a No. 3 hitter. After drawing 56 walks in 2009, Markakis has walked 53 times in 2010. He drew a career-high 99 walks in 2008. Bell will work out today, but he can't be added to the roster until tomorrow. He needs to spend 10 days on his minor league assignment, since he's not replacing an injured player. The Orioles have allowed at least three runs in an inning in their last six games, and in 10 of their last 12. In their last two games, the Orioles are 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position. They're 1-for-25 in their last four, 3-for-39 in their last six and 15-for-113 (.133) in their last 14. Gus Triandos is 80 today.

Minor matters
O's sign two more draft picks

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