Staying above water with key players out

As we watch the Nationals in the first month of the season, we have to constantly remind ourselves that this team is playing without a full hand, and there are going to be bumps in the road on the way. Sure, the record against Atlanta has to get better and be better the rest of the way, but a split at home with St. Louis ... read more

Some thoughts on September roster reinforcements

I have mixed emotions about seeing call-ups in September. First of all, there are too many, and I hope Joe Torre, baseball’s executive vice president of baseball operations, is sincere and does something about the number. In my opinion, 30 at the most would be fine; five new guys, maybe two in the pen and three on the bench. But it messes up the games ... read more

2013 season has been unexpected so far

The more I watch this game over the years, the more I realize that if you try to figure baseball out, you might as well forget it, relax and enjoy the games. Unpredictability is what this new season has been all about so far, and with the ballclub not quite playing great in the first 15 games, I’ll take a 9-6 start any time. It ... read more

With high hopes and expectations, spring telecasts are almost here

This is the time of year when baseball fever can hit hard. The news that pitchers and catchers have reported, followed by the regulars, is enough to get your spring mindset in place. You and find yourself soaking in every bit of news from Florida and Arizona you can get. For a baseball broadcaster, it’s a time of transition from offseason work to that thing ... read more

Spahn winner Gonzalez takes Oklahoma City by storm

Folks in Oklahoma know all about tornadoes and how to deal with them. A big one hit the Sooner State this week, and they loved it! Gio Gonzalez and his family blew into Oklahoma City on Wednesday as he accepted the Warren Spahn Award, given annually by the Bricktown Rotary Club to the best left-handed pitcher in baseball. I’ve had the privilege of emceeing the ... read more

Spring training and great expectations

In my 36 years of sportscasting, I have noticed there can be a big difference between hopes and expectations. As we all look ahead to Nationals baseball in 2013, it’s hard not to have both, and at a very high level. All of us at MASN are excited - and with good reason. Two things happened in the last week or so that have me ... read more

Nats survive a minefield of bats

When the Nationals departed on their six-game road trip to Boston and Toronto on June 8, the pitching staff ERA was 2.97, best in baseball. They swept that trip, came home and were swept by the Yankees, won two of three from Tampa Bay, and lost two of three at Baltimore. Including the May series against the Orioles, the Nats survived their 18-game trek through ... read more

Nats come limping home

Baseball was at its unpredictable best on the Nats’ road trip to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, and the injury bug is, evidently, the size of a bear. Losing Jayson Werth was a huge blow in the last game of the homestand, then Wilson Ramos went down six days later, just as he was 5-for-16 and had hit his third home run earlier in the game. The ... read more