Strasburg: Rewind

Fresh off a series victory for the Nats over the Cubs, the Harrisburg Senators completed a three game sweep at Reading 5-2.

Matt Chico went five innings and allowed a hit and an unearned run to earn his first victory of the season. The Senators have won five in a row.

Tuesday night, Stephen Strasburg no-hit the R-Phillies for five innings with no runs, no walks and striking out six. Thirteen batters in a row were unable to reach base for the Phillies.

Afterwards, Strasburg answered questions on his performance.

What have you learned so far at the Double A level in this first month?

“The biggest thing with these hitters is you really got to establish the strike zone. Let the hitter know you are going to go in and you are going to go in hard.

A lot of these guys are extremely talented. In college, I was able to get away with a lot of pitches. I am not getting away with a lot of those pitches as much now so I really got to focus not really worry about how hard I am throwing the ball but rather where it is going.”

Do you still have something to learn at this level?

“Absolutely. You can’t take anything for granted because this game will humble you in a heartbeat.

I thought it was great to go out there and face pretty much the same lineup again as I did in Harrisburg (last week). A lot of hitters will have a different kind of plan when they see you a first time around. It was good to go out there and still keep them off balance.”

Are you ready to get called up?

“I am happy with where I am at right now. I am learning a lot. We have a great team and a great coaching staff. When the time comes I am going to be very excited. But I am living in the ‘now’ and focusing on tomorrow and what I have to get ready for my bullpen the day after.”

Do you wish for a more normal minor league experience?

“Obviously it is not a normal situation for a guy in his first year of pro ball. It goes with the territory. I have accepted that. Great thing about a team like this is that I am just another one of the guys in the clubhouse and they treat me that way.”

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