Desmond shakes off two errors in loss to Phils

The Phillies topped the Nationals 3-2 Wednesday night behind a complete game from one of their aces, Roy Halladay.

John Lannan was hanging with Halladay through three innings before getting into some trouble in the fourth. In that frame, Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond committed two errors. The first miscue allowed Jimmy Rollins to reach base when Desmond bobbled the ball. Later, Rollins was awarded third base when Desmond was called for interference as he tried to cover second base.

“It is just an unfortunate play,” Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said. “Because (the ball) might come to second, Desi has got to be there. Jimmy Rollins realizes he is not going to need to slide, so he is standing up and we got a collision. So it was kind of unavoidable.”

Flash back to the first inning, where Placido Polanco grounded to Desmond. Desmond was too late in deciding whether or not to throw back to second to get Shane Victorino and then was too late to get Polanco at first. Polanco was awarded a base hit. The Nationals survived any damage with a crisp 5-4-3 double play on a ball hit to third by Rollins.

Should the Nationals be disappointed about Desmond and those plays at short? Riggleman doesn’t think so.

“You get such a great effort from him every day that I can’t use that word in a sentence - ‘disappointment,’ ” Riggleman said. “With Desi, I look at the glass as half-full. With everything he did there, he still almost got that runner. That is how talented he is. Then, he dropped one. He is human. We turned three double plays. We played pretty good baseball against a great pitcher and we hung in there with our bullpen.”

Nationals starter John Lannan even signaled to Desmond after the first error and held up two fingers as if to say, “Let’s get the double play.”

“I told him afterwards that that play wasn’t going to make a difference,” Lannan said. “I knew I had to go out there and continue to battle. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be a 1-0 game.”

Desmond thought he had the first play on the Rollins grounder.

“The (first) one, I kind of took for granted a little bit,” Desmond said. “And then the obstruction, I didn’t know if Jerry (Hairston Jr.) was going to come to me with the ball or not. Then I realized nobody was covering third. I saw Jimmy trying to take off and I was like, ‘I got to get over there.’ “

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