Baseball America’s top Nats prospects - No. 10: Steve Lombardozzi

Nationals fans were able to finally see infielder Steve Lombardozzi play in the big leagues with 13 games in September.

Lombardozzi batted .194 with six hits, one double and one RBI for the Nationals. But he also played in 134 games in the minors in 2011, hitting a stellar .309 with 25 doubles, nine triples, eight homers, 30 stolen bases and 52 RBIs.

Baseball America continues to take notice of the 23-year old son of a former major leaguer, from Fulton, Md. Lombardozzi is rated the No.10 prospect in the Nationals system in the publication’s annual ranking of minor leaguers.

Aaron Fitt, national writer for Baseball America, said Lombardozzi has the unique combination of hitting and defense that could make him a consistent player at baseball’s top level.

“I think he is a pretty exciting player,” Fitt said. “The guy has tools. I think the bat is pretty special. He controls the strike zone. He is a switch hitter. He makes good contact from both sides. He uses all fields. He has got some strength in his swing.”

Fitt said Lombardozzi may not be the flashiest player or get all the headlines, but in the end he can be one of the nine out there each game and can be a player that can make things happen.

“Maybe he doesn’t look like a guy that has a huge upside, but I think if you have a chance to be a quality every day player who does all the little things to help you win,” Fitt pointed out. “(Lombardozzi) hits for average and plays really solid defense. The guy doesn’t make many errors. I think that is a pretty good player.”

And if everything plays out right for Lombardozzi, the Nationals could have an infielder who is a good enough player to garner league accolades down the road.

“If all things come together for that guy he could be an All-Star,” Fitt said. “That is an ambitious projection, certainly, but I think you are looking at a guy that could be a solid every day player.”

Fitt also said that outfielder Destin Hood finished as the No. 11 prospect on his list.

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