Latest updates on Turner and Drew

Manager Dusty Baker updated the progress and timetable for return of shortstop Trea Turner, who is on the 10-day disabled list with a right hamstring strain.

trea-turner-blue.jpg“We don’t know yet,” Baker said. “He hit the other day, said he felt pretty good. He’s been getting a lot of treatment, riding the bike. Running as tolerated. My experience with hamstrings is whenever they tell you they are ready, then I believe in giving them another couple days. I haven’t really pressed him on how he’s feeling because you hate to be injured and then somebody always asking you every day and nothing really changes that much from day to day.”

Baker said he hates to pressure players as to how their rehabs are going.

“Kind of waiting on him to come to me or me to observe him on the field, even though he does most of his work prior to anybody getting out and is working in the training room during the game,” Baker said. “On the positive side, I think he caught it himself before he did some real damage to it.”

Turner is eligible to come off the DL on April 19.

The other shortstop with a right hamstring strain is veteran Stephen Drew. He described how he felt the injury in the 8-3 win over the Cardinals April 11.

“Just the hamstring, coming out of the box,” Drew said. “Cleat was really going down for a pitch to hit, 3-2. Just kind of unfortunate because I could feel it in the box. And then tried to push out of it. Running down the line, then, it was over. I knew it then. Kind of unfortunate but it’s a part of the game. Hopefully be back pretty soon. There’s no timetable. But I’ll do the best I can to get back as soon as possible.”

Drew was placed on the DL April 12, and Grant Green was called up. Drew said he has not had experience in his major league career with a hamstring injury.

“No, not like this,” Drew said. “Last time it’s been just the ankle, years ago when I did it. But nothing like this. Hopefully, the quicker rehab stuff I can do, kind of get back as soon as possible.”

Does having to be on a 10-day disabled list instead of a 15-day make him feel better about getting back and playing when he’s healthy and not having to wait around?

Drew says yes, but knows that hamstrings can be tricky too.

“Yeah, that makes me feel better,” Drew said. “I don’t really know with these things. Hopefully, I can get to the point where I can push through it to where it’s strong to be able to come back. I don’t really know kind of where we are at now, but it’s better than it was when I did it, so that’s a good thing.”

Drew was asked about guidance he might give to 25-year-old Wilmer Difo, who will likely be in the starting lineup for the next week or so to replace Turner and/or Drew.

He had some valuable advice about defensive strategies from a difficult position to play in the infield.

“It’s going to be a learning process,” Drew said. “I kind of told him that in the spring. Knowing hitters’ counts, tendencies that most people don’t see. I just try to feed him as much info as I can without making him overthink. He’s done very good. It’s a very difficult positon at short when you’re coming up and you’re new and you don’t know hitters and key counts when to move over. He’s done a pretty good job so far. He’s done well ad he’s going to grow from it.”

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