“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Milestone moments, late heroics and a commanding playoff lead

This week’s slate of “Orioles Classics” on MASN contains a variety of highlights. You want game-deciding heroics? We’ve got ‘em. You want career milestones? Check off that box. You want to travel back in time and relive some of the O’s postseason glory of years past? Tune in. That’s the beauty of a team like the Orioles, ripe with history and full of exciting moments ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Dawn of the Golden Age of O’s

The hot stove season is in full swing, and the Orioles this week signed free agent shortstop José Iglesias to fill the hole left when the club traded Jonathan Villar. That and other offseason happenings certainly hold our interest as fans who are curious about who will be where on opening day 2020. But to quote the Bard, the play’s the thing. There’s really no ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: 3,000th in 2000, and other milestones

Be honest. How many of your New Year’s resolutions remain intact? If one of them is to be a more upbeat Orioles fan, MASN can help you out with that. This week’s crop of “Orioles Classics” includes some of the most uplifting moments in club history. You’ll see a team record for home runs broken, a longball barrage to overcome an up-and-coming foe, milestones in ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: A memorable debut, October clincher and late heroics

Christmas has come and gone, and you’re probably strategizing about when exactly to disassemble the tree, store the ornaments and take down the lights that have been blinking on and off outside your home. Or perhaps you’re a procrastinator and you just can’t bear the thought of dissipating holiday cheer. If that’s the case, we’ve got a few “Orioles Classics” in the week ahead on ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Tales of the glories

As Hanukkah begins and Christmas arrives, feeling festive is par for the course. Summers here the past few years, not so much. Better days lie ahead for our Orioles, we know, but waiting for the Birds to return to contention feels a lot like waiting for Santa Claus. We know he’s coming, but the clock just won’t move fast enough. There’s no pennant under the ... read more

Oriole Bird gets a nest in Mascot Hall of Fame

The overgrown avian who has danced countless times on the dugout roof at Camden Yards to the strains of “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” will now have a second home. The Mascot Hall of Fame, devoted to the living cartoons who entertain at sporting events of all kinds, will induct The Oriole Bird this summer. The news came last night at the Whiting, Ind., ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Family reunions on the diamond

As the daylight hours near low ebb, we need all the happy thoughts we can get. Here’s one: Pitchers and catchers report to camp in Sarasota in less than two months. Many of us also get warm feelings from knowing we’ll soon be getting together with our extended families for some holiday cheer. Depending, that is, on your own particular family dynamic. The most family-friendly ... read more

“MASN All Access Podcast” creates individual Orioles stream

Well, Orioles fans, you liked, subscribed and commented, and we listened. After two full seasons of the “MASN All Access Podcast” hosting all of our content under one stream, we have finally decided to split our show into two individual streams: one for the Orioles and one for the Nationals. So what does that mean? For starters, it means that if you want just our ... read more