“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Hello, goodbye and everything in between

One of the great things about highlighting rebroadcasts of games from a team with a tradition that stretches back to 1954 is the variety of choices you get in the film library. This week’s collection of “Orioles Classics” on MASN stretches all the way back to 1987 and a day when a trio from the same family made headlines. It includes the last game at ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Ripken’s run and retirement

Having to hunker down at home while waiting for the new/novel coronavirus (what are they calling it this week, anyway?) to wane has been tough on all of us. But think about what it might have been like for Cal Ripken Jr. had the pandemic hit our shores during his playing days. The Iron Man carved out a place for himself among the legends of ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Something for everyone

One of the great things about a baseball game is that different people can watch the same contest and be entertained in multiple ways. All depends on what part of the game you like the most. With that in mind, this week’s list of “Orioles Classics” on MASN contains a little something for everyone. You like offense? Well, we’ve got bunches of home runs and ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Extras! Extras! Read all about it!

If you can get up at (or stay up until) 4 a.m., you can now watch live baseball. It’s on the tube at that hour because it’s coming to you live from South Korea, where COVID-19 precautions have eased up enough to permit the Korea Baseball Organization to play ball, albeit without fans in the stands. It’s a little surreal, watching players you don’t know ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: More memories from yesteryear

For many years, Mother’s Day and baseball were irrevocably intertwined in my life. The first baseball game I ever attended was on Mother’s Day 1966, the day Frank Robinson hit a home run out of Memorial Stadium, making him the only player to ever accomplish that feat. Of course, we didn’t know it until the next day, when my dad read it in the morning ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: The first title, Jones’ last game as an Oriole

If the 2020 season had started on schedule, we might have had several postponements already anyhow, given the wet weather we’ve had this April. But as those of us who suffer from hay fever are especially aware, those April showers bring May flowers. We here at MASN would, of course, like nothing better than to be bringing you live Orioles baseball, but as we all ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: A trio of tripleheaders on tap

Back in the days before I smartened up, the notion of a tripleheader was quite intriguing. Doubleheaders of my youth meant glorious Sundays spent at Memorial Stadium, figuring how best to stretch five bucks so that it lasted two games. And if the nightcap went more than the regulation nine innings? No worries, since Dad was listening on the radio and knew exactly when to ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: O’s torpedo Mariners

We’re all (Adam) Jonesing for Orioles baseball right now, but you’re not missing it on this particular day because April 16 was scheduled as an off-day to begin with. How’s that for rationalizing? If not for this pesky pandemic, the Birds would have just hosted the Cubs for a pair, the Wednesday game coming on Jackie Robinson Day. That’s the one day during the season ... read more