Kolko, Porter named hosts of “Nats Xtra” pregame, postgame shows

MASN’s “Nats Xtra” pregame and postgame shows will have new hosts in 2019. New, but not unfamiliar. Dan Kolko will move from his role as the on-field reporter on Nationals television broadcasts to succeed the retired Johnny Holliday as host of “Nats Xtra,” while former Nationals third base coach and Astros manager Bo Porter has been named as the program’s analyst, filling the role most ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Pass the salami

There’s nothing like a hero sandwich made with salami. So MASN serves up a triple-decker deal, along with a side of wild Werth and a Zimmerman three-run blast, in the upcoming batch of “Nationals Classics.” Your plate is brimming with grand slams and walk-off heroics, so dig in! Thursday, Jan. 24, 12:30 p.m. - The Nationals didn’t wait for the game to be over before ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Got no-nos? Yes!

Home runs are exciting, but true baseball fans get just as cranked up to see their guy on the mound firing on all cylinders. If great pitching is your jam, have we got a deal for you. Regular viewers of “Nationals Classics” are used to looking back at standout performances from star pitchers, but this Monday you can binge-watch three of the best ever back-to-back-to-back. ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: In the beginning ...

By now you’re used to seeing select games from great and not-so-great Nationals teams of the past on MASN. But we’re throwing you way back with a couple of “Nationals Classics” telecasts this week, starting this afternoon. The Nats’ inaugural season of 2005 turned out better than one might expect of a new club with a bunch of guys no one is considering for Cooperstown. ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Ringing in the old

How are those resolutions coming? Already, huh? Well, there’s always next year ... As we try to remember to put the correct year on the checks we write, we start to see some light at the end of the baseball tunnel. Spring training’s about a month and a half away now, and while we still don’t know whether Bryce Harper will be back, we do ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Watching the ball drop

The coming of the new year prompts people (or at least cable news) to look back on what has passed. Of course, MASN is doing that throughout the offseason as we bring you “Nationals Classics.” This week, naturally, is no exception. Since you’re going to be staying up late Monday night, why not get acclimated with a couple of extra-inning marathons? We’ll also have a ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Our holiday gift to you

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - at least that’s what that song tells me. Seriously, it seems like it’s on a continuous loop. From the car to the department store to the supermarket. It’s everywhere. While we don’t have parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting or caroling in the snow, we do have some of the hap-hap-happiest results in this week’s holiday ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Keeping the home fires burning

Daylight’s at a premium as we approach the winter solstice, and it can be tough keep your spirits up. MASN’s here to help. For this week’s throwback telecasts, we bring you a gem from the guy who wrote the jeweler’s handbook on gemology, then a tough choice in the middle of a Nationals romp. After that, we take a glance back at the Nats’ early ... read more