#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Pitching and offense are on display

This week’s selection of “Nationals Classics” on MASN fits into one two categories: those games dominated by stellar pitching and those featuring lots of offense. Pitching and hitting are the game’s cornerstones. Put them together and you’ve got a winning combination. Good pitching can usually trump good hitting, and this week’s “Nationals Classics” wraps with a trio of the best mound efforts ever seen in ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Starting with a midweek doubleheader

While taking nothing for granted in a COVID-ravaged world, we can reasonably assume that the sight of Spring Training 2.0 and a shortened - but certainly sweet - 2020 season on the horizon is not a mirage. With the target window now in the Independence Day/All-Star break vicinity, we can almost smell the hot dogs and the horsehide. In the meantime, we’ll tide ourselves over ... read more

MASN to air “Kolko & Friends” at 7 p.m. on May 19

If you’re among those who are missing Nationals baseball - and since the game is the sole focus of our website, we’re guessing that’s pretty much all of you are - MASN has a brief respite from the coronavirus gloom and doom. “Kolko & Friends,” presented by Budweiser and featuring “Nats Xtra” host Dan Kolko, will air tonight at 7 p.m. on MASN. Additionally, “Kolko ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Worth the wait for late heroics

When you watch a baseball game - whether in person or from the comfort of your basement recliner - there’s a certain end game at play. Simply put, you want your team to win. You don’t really care how they do it, as long as they have more runs than the other guys at the end of the game. Sometimes it takes nine innings, sometimes ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Slugfests and nailbiters

Guess you’ll just have send your mother a card this year. If she’s like my mom, she’d probably prefer that you take her to see a ballgame, but sadly, that’s not an option this Mother’s Day. The good news is that if you happen to be living under the same roof during the Great COVID-19 Shutdown of 2020, you and mom can park yourselves in ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: A nice mix of offensive and mound highlights

Few things in baseball are better than a home run. Face it, the second you hear the ball ricochet off the bat and start tracking the trajectory of the missile, your heart starts beating a little bit faster. Even if you can’t quite focus on the cowhide, you can always check out the positioning of the outfielder. When he doesn’t turn, you know good things ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Youngsters shine

Our long national nightmare continues, and we continue to go without the national pastime. We take comfort in knowing that our baseball heroes are stepping up to the plate to help the heros who are giving their all for our communities, but as we endure a public health crisis and steel ourselves for its economic repurcussions, we can’t help but wish we could at least ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: 15 years’ worth of memories

With 15 years of history, the Nationals have created plenty of memories. Last year’s World Series championship was definitely the pinnacle, but even the most pedestrian of Nats campaigns offers a highlight or two. This week’s smattering of “Nationals Classics” on MASN is a trip down memory lane, a look at nine noteworthy games from the past, from the Nats’ debut season in 2005 through ... read more