#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Walk-off after walk-off after walk-off

Now that we’re into January, we can honestly say - over and over again, if you like - that Nationals pitchers and catchers report to spring training in West Palm Beach, Fla., next month. Warms you up just thinking about palm trees and line drives, doesn’t it? To get you in the proper mood for camp, we’ve got a full plate of “Nationals Classics” this ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Multiple walk-offs and a dinger-less win

Ringing out the old the other night got the MASN staff in the mood to set the wayback machine to some dates well in advance of the Nationals’ current perch on the Major League Baseball throne. Some of them, in fact, reach back to the club’s inaugural season in the District. While the Nats teams of the oughts and early teens didn’t experience the level ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Key moments from the best season ever

The champagne (if you’ve got any left after October’s revelry) will taste just a little sweeter this New Year’s in Nats nation. Whatever else might have been going on in the world and our individual lives over the year that is now coming to a close, we will look back on 2019 with delight as we recall the way the Nationals’ refusal to give up ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: A stocking full of Nationals goodies

Not a creature was stirring - except for the MASN staff, who have put together a holiday bonanza of “Nationals Classics” for your viewing pleasure. From first thing this morning through the midnight hour on Christmas night, we’ll relive moments from each of the past eight Nationals seasons. You’ll see so much baseball you’ll think your long winter’s nap lasted all the way to April. ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Early walk-offs and a K-heavy performance

We don’t have a long list of “Nationals Classics” airing on MASN this week, but two of the three games went extra innings and ended in Washington walk-offs, while the third featured a strikeout-hunting hurler who reached a major milestone. Who doesn’t like a walk-off, especially when it’s the Nationals doing the celebrating? Our two games featuring bonus baseball sent fans home happy from RFK ... read more

Nationals seek candidates to run as Racing Presidents

It’s been said that any youngster here in this land of opportunity can grow up to become president. But only at Nationals Park can someone don one of the faces seen on Mount Rushmore, lace up running shoes and become a Racing President. The Nationals are looking for people with the right combination of show-biz personality, athleticism and political ambition (of a sort) to take ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Dr. Longball makes house calls

Having seen the Nationals come up with clutch hits time and again througout their remarkable playoff run of 2019, are fans now jaded and blasé about them? Naaaaah! Watching Nats hitters past and present snatching victory away from stunned opponents never gets old. With that in mind, MASN this week brings you a couple of blasts from the past that offered a glimpse of things ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Dominant pitching and coming through in the clutch

Happy Thanksgiving, NatsTown! Today is a day for giving thanks, and at the top of most Nationals fans’ lists is the fact that a certain team sporting a curly W and blue uniform tops delivered a World Series championship to D.C. last month. Never gets tired hearing that, does it? I suspect it won’t for a long time to come. Whatever’s on your Thanksgiving table, ... read more