Nationals trivia quiz: Opening day

The re-watch of the 2019 postseason has been a blast - thank you to everyone who has reached out to say how much they’ve enjoyed it - but it’s also pretty time consuming. I mean, you really want me to watch an entire baseball game and then write a full article about it 17 times? What do you think I am, a baseball beat writer? ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NLDS Game 5

As the final countdown to first pitch proceeded Oct. 9, two thoughts came to mind: * This felt awfully familiar for the Nationals, yet another winner-take-all Game 5 of the National League Division Series. * This felt strikingly different from those previous Game 5 fiascos, because this time the Nats were on the road and underdogs to their opponents. In the end, of course, the ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NLDS Game 4

The vibe inside Nationals Park early on during Game 4 of last fall’s National League Division Series did not suggest the assembled masses were optimistic there would be a Game 5. An odd 6:40 p.m. first pitch on a Monday night with rain in the forecast and the home team facing elimination led to the first non-sellout in the ballpark’s postseason history. Game 3 the ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NLDS Game 3

I’ll admit I didn’t remember much about Game 3 of the National League Division Series. I remembered it was a blowout. I remembered Aníbal Sánchez started and then Patrick Corbin had a disastrous night in relief. I remembered it was the last time the Nationals wore anything other than their navy blue alternate jerseys. (They wore white.) But that’s about all I remembered before re-watching ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NLDS Game 2

Confession time: My favorite game of the 2019 postseason wasn’t the wild card game. It wasn’t Game 5 of the National League Division Series. It wasn’t the pennant clincher over the Cardinals. And it wasn’t Game 6 or 7 of the World Series in Houston. It was Game 2 of the NLDS at Dodger Stadium. Seriously. This was an absolutely fantastic ballgame, overstuffed with star ... read more

Group of 13 players still in West Palm Beach, none tested

Thirteen Nationals players, plus general manager Mike Rizzo, manager Davey Martinez and a skeleton crew of coaches, doctors, trainers and conditioning staff continue to ride out the coronavirus pandemic in West Palm Beach, Fla., though all have been instructed to take steps to ensure social distancing in an effort to prevent spread of the virus. Rizzo, who said three players and other staffers are now ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NLDS Game 1

The Nationals’ run last October, when viewed in its entirety, was thrilling. That doesn’t mean every single game along the way matched that description. There were a few clunkers mixed into those 17 postseason games. And maybe the biggest clunker of them all came only 48 hours after the euphoric National League wild card win over the Brewers. Flying high from that dramatic victory, the ... read more

Home confinement re-watch: 2019 NL wild card game

There’s no baseball to watch right now, at least no live baseball. And there’s not going to be any for a while. So how do we get our fix during this most unusual time in our lives? We watch old baseball games. There’s a whole treasure trove of classic games available out there. And at some point, we might just get to them all. But ... read more