#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Catching some Z’s

The National Football League playoffs have come down to four teams, and the scheduled start of spring training is less than a month away. Whether the ongoing pandemic will permit it to begin on schedule this year is another matter. But for baseball fans, February is all about hopefulness, right? Meantime, a maintenance dose of “Nationals Classics” can keep your baseball jones in check. This ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: A healthy dose of Strasburg and Zimmerman

With the new year here and spring training hopefully right around the corner, we’re ramping up this week’s “Nationals Classics” on MASN to examine some of the strongest performances ever by guys with a curly W on their caps. When talking about the club’s great pitchers, Stephen Strasburg is always mentioned - and with good reason. Two of his finest performances - a sparking debut ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Near twinbill versus Twins

We’re certainly not out of the woods as far as the pandemic is concerned, but with new vaccines making their way into the world and 2020 now in the rearview mirror, we have entered a season of hope, which is as it should be after the holidays have passed and we start counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report. Or are scheduled to, ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: As new year dawns, some throwback memories

Happy New Year’s Eve! Since it’s a perfect time to reminisce, we’ve got some really good memories for you. Don’t worry, only one of these comes from the dreadful year that’s got exactly one more day left. And even that one will bring a smile. But as we ponder the unpainted canvas of 2021, enjoy these “Nationals Classics” on MASN that are guaranteed to please. ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Ghosts of Natsmas past

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house ... the sets were tuned to MASN for lots of great baseball action on “Nationals Classics.” OK, so it’s not Clement Moore. It’s not even Dinty Moore. But clunky poetry aside, if you’re holed up for a low-key holiday season, there’s nothing like a few ghosts of Natsmas past to brighten up your yuletide. You’ll ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Stoking the hot stove with retro wins

Admittedly, the hot stove has been, well, a tad chilly so far this offseason. Sure, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo is talking to other executives, but we’ve yet to see anything resembling a big move out of him. Which is OK, given that some of Rizzo’s splashiest deals seem to come out of nowhere. So what’s a baseball-starved Nats fan to do? Between online shopping ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Long live the new king

The days keep getting shorter, and maybe your mood - already frayed by pandemic fatigue - is getting darker. Fret not, because MASN can help with that. For a baseball fan (which you must be, or you wouldn’t be on this site), there’s no better morale booster than watching your team pull off a thrilling win. And “Nationals Classics” keeps them coming at you throughout ... read more

Nationals all in on developing pitching

It is no secret that the Nationals have made a commitment to drafting and developing pitching. Cade Cavalli, their first-round pick in the 2020 First-Year Player Draft, is the most recent example of that strategy. The Nats have selected 34 pitchers in the first 10 rounds of the last five drafts, and if this year’s draft was not shortened to just five rounds, that number ... read more