Hoping Santa delivers winning blueprints, a bat, an arm and good health

'Tis the season to be jolly, to ask the big man in the red suit for a few special items to be left under the Christmas tree, and a time to be thankful for so many things. For me, thanks to all the Terrapins and Nationals supporters for sticking with us through thick and thin. No question, the Maryland football season was not a good ... read more

A look ahead makes NatsTown eager for 2012

Nothing can replace enthusiam in a young baseball player, not to mention the ability to look ahead with nothing but a positive attitide. With the addition of the newcomers who have been called up from Triple-A Syracuse the past few days, it's refreshing to see how the future headliners with the Nationals look at the future of the organization. You've seen for yourself the solid ... read more

Winning background, confident nature bode well for Johnson

Now that the shock waves have subsided after last week's sudden resignation from Nationals manager Jim Riggleman, it's time to move on and focus on the future of the ball club. No question, Riggleman stepping down caught everyone off guard and I still wonder if maybe he regrets taking such a stand. I have no idea, only he knows the answer to that question. One ... read more

Split in the desert a good start to long trip

Taking two out of three from Philadelphia, followed by a split in the desert against the Arizona Diamondbacks, showed me that the Nationals have what it takes to knock off the big boys and cause havoc in the standings. Last time I checked, the Phillies were head and shoulders above everyone else in the National League East with a pitching staff as good as any ... read more

Changing sports scene, and a lot to like about the Nats

It has been quite an interesting few weeks for sports in Maryland. The Nationals are playing just under .500 baseball and doing so without third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. At the University of Maryland, Gary Williams' decision to retire as head basketball coach at his alma mater after 22 seasons caught everyone off guard, including yours truly. Mark Turgeon moves from Texas A&M in College Station, ... read more

Arms, bats heating up at the right time

So it's only a two-game winning streak, but I'll take it and so will you! Not only is it two straight in the win column, but look how the Nationals did it. Back-to-back solid performances on the hill from a couple of veteran pitchers Livan Hernandez and Jason Marquis were the key. Livo went eight innings against the Mets and got the win, then Jason ... read more

Young heroes, veteran leadership and Morgan's parting shot

There is no better time to post my first blog of the new season than after back-to-back wins over Florida and the New York Mets. But before discussing baseball, I did want to bring everyone up to date on the progress of my hero, one of my grandsons, 12-year-old Jack Rolle, the pride and joy of Mater Dei school in Bethesda, Md. Jack and his ... read more

A few Nats-themed wishes for 2011

Happy new year to Nats fans everywhere! Now that we've turned the corner to 2011, that means spring training is just around the corner Let's bring it on - the sooner the better, I'm not exactly a big fan of cold, dreary days with rain, wind and an occasional snowflake or two. Most of you have made a new year's resolution, so I thought ... read more