Nationals conclude 2013 First-Year Player Draft

The Washington Nationals today selected 30 players on the third day of Major League Baseball’s 2013 First-Year Player Draft. Nationals Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Mike Rizzo, Nationals Assistant General Manager & Vice President of Player Personnel Roy Clark and Nationals Director of Scouting Kris Kline made the joint announcement.

Over the three-day Draft, the Nationals selected a total of 39 players: 14 right-handed pitchers, eight left-handed pitchers, one catcher, 11 infielders and five outfielders. Of Washington’s 39 selections, 21 came from four-year universities, nine from the high school ranks, and nine were junior college players.

2nd round (68th overall pick)- Jacob Johansen, RHP, Dallas Baptist University
3rd (105) - Drew Ward, 3B, Leedy (Okla.) High School
4th (136) - Nicholas Pivetta, RHP, New Mexico Junior College
5th (16) - Austin Voth, RHP, University of Washington
6th (196) - Cody Gunter, 3B, Grayson County (Texas) College
7th (226) - James Yezzo, 1B, Delaware
8th 256) - David Napoli, LHP, Tulane
9th (286) - Jake Joyce, RHP, Virginia Tech
10th (316) - Brennan Middleton, SS, Tulane
11th (346) - John Simms, RHP, Rice
12th (376) - Andrew Cooper, RHP, Sierra (Calif.) Junior College
13th (406) - John Costa, RHP, Palm Beach (Fla.) Community College
14th (436) - David Masters, SS, Cental Arizona College
15th (466) - William Ballou, OF, Marshall
16th (496) - Willie Allen, OF, Western Oklahoma State College
17th (526) - Geoffrey Perrott, C, Rice
18th (556) - Cory Bafidis, LHP, Wake Forest
19th (586) - Niko Spezial, LHP, Texas Wesleyan
20th (616) - Brenton Allen, OF, UCLA
21st (646) - Justin Thomas, LHP, Southern Arkansas
22nd (676) - Cody Dent, SS, FLorida
23rd (706) - Garrett Gordon, OF, Wabash Valley (Ill.) College
24th (736) - Matthew Derosier, RHP, Southwestern (Calif.) Community College
25th (766) - Travis Ott, LHP, Shippensburg (Pa.) High School
26th (796) - Garrett Hampson, SS, Reno (Nev.) High School
27th (826) - Bryce Harman, OF, L.C. Bird (Va.) High School
28th (856) - Joey Webb, LHP, Menlo (Calif.) College
29th (886) - Michael Sylvestri, RHP, Florida Atlantic
30th (916) - Ryan Ullmann, RHP, Concordia (Texas) University
31st (946) - Willie Medina, SS, High Point
32nd (976) - Pat Boling, LHP, Georgia
33rd (1006) - Andrew Dunlap, RHP, Westbury (Texas) Christsian
34th (1036) - Jake Walsh, LHP, Missouri
35th (1066) - Lukas Schiraldi, RHP, Navarro (Texas) Junior College
36th (1096) - Reid Humphreys, SS, Northwest Rankin (Miss.) High School
37th (1126) - Karsten Whitson, RHP, Florida
38th (1156) - Caleb Hamilton, SS, Woodinville (Wash.) High School
39th (1186) - Robbie Tenerowicz, 2B, Campolindo (Calif.) High School
40th (1216) - Shaun Anderson, RHP, American Heritage (Fla.) High School