MASN Announces 2013-14 College Basketball Schedule

Key local matchups, top-ranked programs and exciting tournament action will be part of the extensive Division I basketball schedule this winter on MASN, the region’s leader in live sports entertainment. Utilizing both MASN and MASN2, more than 100 men’s and women’s games will be broadcast during the 2013-14 season, including MASN’s annual airing of the BB&T Classic in December.

The 2013-14 schedule tips off on Friday, Nov. 8 with a doubleheader on MASN2 featuring Alabama-Oklahoma at 5 p.m. and Colorado-Butler at 10 p.m. That same evening, Virginia Commonwealth hosts Illinois State at 7 p.m. on MASN.

For the seventh consecutive season, MASN will offer live coverage of the BB&T Classic, an annual showcase of local college basketball talent held at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. This year’s 19th annual BB&T Classic will air on Sunday, Dec. 8 and features games between Oklahoma and George Mason at 1 p.m., and Maryland and George Washington at 3:30 p.m.

MASN enters its eighth season as the official cable network of the George Mason University Patriots, who are beginning their first season in the Atlantic 10, and will broadcast eight games. George Mason’s first televised game of the season is Saturday, Nov. 30, when the Patriots host Rhode Island at 4 p.m.

Women’s action on MASN will feature coverage of the Big 12, including the conference tournament in March, and Conference USA, including games featuring Old Dominion and Charlotte.

Regional favorites such as UMBC, Mt. St. Mary’s, Loyola and West Virginia will also play on MASN.

“With a schedule stretching from November through conference tournaments, MASN will once again be a hoop fan’s destination for NCAA basketball action this season,” said Jim Cuddihy, MASN’s executive vice president for marketing, programming and affiliate relations. “Whether fans want to check out heated local rivalries or some of the top programs in the country, they can find them on MASN.”

In total, six conferences will be featured on MASN, including the Atlantic 10, America East, Big 12, Conference USA, Northeast Conference and Patriot League.

MASN will also carry college magazine and coaches’ shows, including “Inside Basketball With Duke’s Coach K,” “Inside N.C. State Basketball with Jeff Gottfried,” “Inside East Carolina Basketball with Jeff Lebo,” “Inside Rutgers Basketball” and “Penn State Basketball Inside the Paint.”

DAY  DATE     TIME    TEAMS	                           MASN/MASN2
Fri 11/08/13  5:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Alabama vs. Oklahoma       MASN2
Fri 11/08/13  7:00PM  CBK: A-10/Illinois St @ VCU	     MASN
Fri 11/08/13 10:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Colorado vs. Baylor	     MASN2

Mon 11/11/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/North Texas @ Oklahoma     MASN2

Fri 11/15/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Arkansas-PB @ Oklahoma St  MASN2

Sat 11/16/13  8:00PM  CBK: Patriot League/Fairfield @ Loyola MASN

Sun 11/17/13  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Long Beach St @ Kansas St  MASN2

Mon 11/18/13  8:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Rice @ Baylor	             MASN2

Wed 11/20/13  7:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Charleston S @ Baylor      MASN2
Wed 11/20/13  7:30PM  CBK: America East/Loyola @ UMBC	     MASN

Fri 11/22/13  8:00PM  WBK: Big 12/USC @ Oklahoma St	     MASN2

Sat 11/23/13  1:30PM  WBK: Big 12/Stanford @ Texas	     MASN2

Fri 11/29/13  3:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Arkansas-LR @ Oklahoma     MASN2

Sat 11/30/13  4:00PM  CBK: A-10/Rhode Island @ George Mason  MASN

Sun 12/01/13  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Cntrl Arkansas @ Kansas St MASN2

Mon 12/02/13  7:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Loyola @ West Virginia     MASN

Wed 12/04/13  7:00PM  CBK: A-10/South Florida @ George Mason MASN

Thu 12/05/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas A&M-CC @ Oklahoma    MASN2

Sat 12/07/13 11:00AM  CBK: La Salle vs. Stony Brook	     MASN2
Sat 12/07/13 2:00PM   CBK: NEC/Loyola @ Mount St. Mary's     MASN

Sun 12/08/13  1:00PM  CBK: BB&T/Oklahoma vs. George Mason    MASN
Sun 12/08/13  3:30PM  CBK: BB&T/GW vs. Maryland	             MASN

Tue 12/10/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/South Dakota @ Kansas St   MASN2

Sat 12/14/13  5:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Tulsa @ Oklahoma	     MASN2 

Sun 12/15/13  6:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Troy @ Kansas St	     MASN2

Tue 12/17/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/UT-Arlington @ Oklahoma    MASN2

Wed 12/18/13  9:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Northwestern St @ Baylor   MASN2

Sat 12/21/13 12:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Tulsa @ TCU	             MASN2
Sat 12/21/13  2:00PM  CBK: Florida St vs. UMass      	     MASN2
Sat 12/21/13  4:30PM  CBK: Fresno St  vs. Florida            MASN2

Sun 12/22/13  5:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Southern @ Baylor	     MASN2
Sun 12/29/13  2:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas Southern @ TCU	     MASN2

Mon 12/30/13  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Louisiana Tech @ Oklahoma  MASN2

Tue 12/31/13  3:00PM  CBK: Big 12/GW @ Kansas St	     MASN2

Fri 01/03/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Savannah St @ Baylor       MASN2

Sat 01/04/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Iowa St @ Texas Tech	     MASN
Sat 01/04/14  4:30PM  CBK: Big 12/West Virginia @ TCU	     MASN

Sun 01/05/14  4:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Kansas @ Baylor	     MASN2

Tue 01/07/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Kansas St @ TCU	     MASN

Thu 01/09/14  9:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Tulane @ Marshall	     MASN2

Sat 01/11/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/TCU @ Baylor	             MASN
Sat 01/11/14  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Oklahoma St @ WestVirginia MASN
Sat 01/11/14  4:00PM  WBK: C-USA/UTSA @ Southern Miss	     MASN2

Sun 01/12/14 12:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Texas @ West Virginia	     MASN2

Wed 01/15/14  7:00PM  CBK: A-10/UMass @ George Mason	     MASN
Wed 01/15/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/TCU @ Oklahoma St	     MASN2

Thu 01/16/14  7:00PM  CBK: NEC/Wagner @ Mt. St. Mary's	     MASN

Sat 01/18/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/West Virginia @ Kansas St  MASN
Sat 01/18/14  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Iowa St @ Texas            MASN
Sat 01/18/14  6:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ TCU           MASN2

Wed 01/22/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ West Virginia MASN

Sat 01/25/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas @ Baylor	     MASN
Sat 01/25/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Kansas St @ Iowa St	     MASN2
Sat 01/25/14  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Oklahoma @ Texas Tech      MASN

Sun 01/26/14  4:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Baylor @ Oklahoma St	     MASN2

Tue 01/28/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Kansas St     MASN

Wed 01/29/14  8:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Baylor	     MASN2

Sat 02/01/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Kansas St @ West Virginia  MASN
Sat 02/01/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/TCU @ Texas Tech	     MASN2
Sat 02/01/14  3:30PM  WBK: Oklahoma St @ Oklahoma (L-JIP)    MASN2
Sat 02/01/14  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Oklahoma @ Iowa St	     MASN
Sat 02/01/14  7:30PM  WBK: Big 12/Texas @ Baylor	     MASN2

Tue 02/04/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas @ TCU	             MASN

Wed 02/05/14  7:00PM  CBK: A-10/Dayton @ George Mason        MASN

Thu 02/06/14  9:00PM  CBK: NEC/Mt. St. Mary's @ Sacred Heart MASN

Sat 02/08/14  1:00PM  WBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ TCU	     MASN2
Sat 02/08/14  1:30PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas @ Kansas St	     MASN
Sat 02/08/14  3:00PM  WBK: Old Dominion @ North Texas        MASN2
Sat 02/08/14  4:00PM  CBK: Big 12/TCU @ Iowa St	MASN

Wed 02/12/14  8:00PM  CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Oklahoma	     MASN

Thu 02/13/14  9:00PM  WBK: C-USA/Charlotte @ LA Tech	     MASN2

Sat 02/15/14 12:00PM  Middle Tennessee @ Florida Atlantic    MASN2
Sat 02/15/14  1:30PM  Big 12/Texas Tech @ Iowa St	     MASN
Sat 02/15/14  4:00PM  Big 12/TCU @ Kansas	             MASN
Sat 02/15/14  6:00PM  A-10/St. Bonaventure @ George Mason    MASN
Sat 02/15/14  8:00PM  CBK: Patriot League/Boston U @ Loyola  MASN

Tue 02/18/14  8:00PM	CBK: Big 12/Kansas @ Texas Tech	     MASN

Wed 02/19/14  7:30PM	WBK: Big 12/Texas @ Oklahoma	     MASN2

Thu 02/20/14  7:00PM	CBK: NEC/Mt. St. Mary's @ CCSU	     MASN

Sat 02/22/14  1:30PM	CBK: Big 12/Baylor @ West Virginia	MASN
Sat 02/22/14  1:30PM	CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Oklahoma St	MASN2
Sat 02/22/14  4:00PM	CBK: Big 12/Kansas St @ Oklahoma	MASN
Sat 02/22/14  4:00PM	WBK: C-USA/Charlotte @ Middle Tennessee	MASN2 
Sat 02/22/14  8:00PM	WBK: Big 12/Kansas @ Oklahoma	        MASN2

Sun 02/23/14  3:00PM	WBK: Big 12/Oklahoma St @ Texas Tech	MASN2

Wed 02/26/14  7:00PM	CBK: A-10/Richmond @ George Mason	MASN
Wed 02/26/14  8:00PM	CBK: Big 12/West Virginia @ Iowa St	MASN2

Sat 03/01/14  1:30PM	CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Baylor	        MASN2
Sat 03/01/14  4:00PM	CBK: Big 12/Texas @ Oklahoma	        MASN2
Sat 03/01/14  8:00PM	WBK: Big 12/Iowa St @ Kansas	        MASN2

Mon 03/03/14  8:00PM	WBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Oklahoma	MASN2

Wed 03/05/14  8:00PM	CBK: Big 12/Texas Tech @ Kansas	        MASN

Sat 03/08/14 12:00PM	WBK: Big 12/Big 12 Women's Tournament	MASN2
Sat 03/08/14  1:30PM	CBK: Big 12/Baylor @ Kansas St	        MASN
Sat 03/08/14  2:30PM	WBK: Big 12/Big 12 Women's Tournament 	MASN2
Sat 03/08/14  4:00PM	CBK: Big 12/Oklahoma @ TCU	        MASN
Sat 03/08/14  7:00PM	CBK: A-10/Duquesne @ George Mason 	MASN2
Sat 03/08/14  9:30PM	WBK: Big 12/Big 12 Women's Tournament 	MASN2

Wed 03/12/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament     	MASN
Wed 03/12/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament 	        MASN

Thu 03/13/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament Game	MASN
Thu 03/13/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament Game      MASN

Fri 03/14/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament Game 	MASN
Fri 03/14/14	TBD	CBK: Big 12/Big 12 Tournament Game	MASN