Nationals announce Fan’s Choice Flex Pack

Beginning today, the Washington Nationals will offer the Fan’s Choice Flex Pack ticket package program. Nationals fans will have the opportunity to purchase a game from each of the four categories listed below, and receive a voucher for a fifth FREE ticket, redeemable for any Regular Tier game (full list of qualifying games can be found here). Offered each season since 2009, a Flex Pack gives fans the freedom to purchase a package of some of the hottest games of the season!

Fans may purchase the Flex Pack in seven seating areas across all levels of the ballpark. The Fan’s Choice Flex Pack offer can only be purchased online at

Home Run
June 5 vs. Chicago Cubs
June 7 vs. Chicago Cubs
June 19 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
June 21 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
July 3 vs. San Francisco Giants
July 19 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Aug. 22 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Sept. 21 vs. Baltimore Orioles
Sept. 22 vs. Baltimore Orioles
Sept. 23 vs. Baltimore Orioles

May 8 vs. Atlanta Braves
May 10 vs. Atlanta Braves
May 23 vs. Philadelphia Phillies
June 23-25 vs. Atlanta Braves
July 20 vs. New York Mets
Aug. 7-8 vs. Colorado Rockies
Aug. 21 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Aug. 23 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Aug. 29 vs. Miami Marlins
Sept. 4 vs. Atlanta Braves
Sept. 6 vs. Atlanta Braves
Sept. 19 vs. Miami Marlins

May 22 vs. Philadelphia Phillies
May 24 vs. Philadelphia Phillies
June 1-3 vs. Toronto Blue Jays
June 17-18 vs. Tampa Bay Rays
July 21-22 vs. New York Mets
Aug. 9 vs. Colorado Rockies
Aug. 28 vs. Miami Marlins
Sept. 3 vs. Atlanta Braves
Sept. 18 vs. Miami Marlins
Sept. 20 vs. Miami Marlins

July 6-8 vs. Cincinnati Reds
Aug. 3 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
Aug. 4 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
Aug. 6 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
Aug. 26 vs. San Diego Padres
Aug. 27 vs. San Diego Padres
Sept. 7 vs. New York Mets
Sept. 8. vs. New York Mets
Sept. 9 vs. New York Mets
Sept. 17 vs. Miami Marlins