Information Regarding MASN App and Live Streaming

Starting on April 1, 2021, MASN will be providing live streams of both MASN and MASN2 on In order to be able to watch the live streams online, fans will need to be subscribed to a participating cable system that already includes MASN in their package.

In the next few days, MASN will also be launching an app that will be available for download from Apple’s App store, Google Play, and Roku.

This app will enable fans who already get MASN at home to now watch Orioles and Nationals baseball on their phone, tablet or computer - via the new app. Once the app is downloaded, users must authenticate their account by entering the username and password they use with their cable or satellite provider.

Users must be subscribed to a participating cable or satellite provider in order to use the website streaming and upcoming app.

While MASN is working with each of its cable and satellite providers on their plans to offer their customers authentication, not every provider will be ready immediately.

Below are current providers who will be able to authenticate the MASN app (as of August 12, 2021).

- Armstrong
- DirecTV Stream
- Atlantic Broadband
- Bay Country Communications
- Co-Mo Communications
- DirecTV
- Easton Velocity
- Lumos Networks
- Mediacom
- Scout
- Verizon Fios

Your system should be coming soon. We will also be adding support for more streaming devices in the near future. Watch this page for updates.


Q) Why can’t I use my app now?
A) MASN has developed the new streaming app, but the cable and satellite providers who carry MASN must also have the technical means to authenticate that the app user is a customer of that provider. Those cable and satellite providers have up to 90 days to complete this process.

Q) Are both MASN and MASN 2 available to stream through the app?
A) Yes - both MASN and MASN 2 will be streamed through the app.

Q) I want to cut the cord with my cable provider. Can I still stream MASN?
A) No, the MASN stream is available only to subscribers of a cable or satellite system that currently offers MASN.

Q) Can I sign up and pay for the MASN stream by itself?
A) No, the MASN app is only available to cable and satellite subscribers.

Q) Is there a cost for the MASN app?
A) No, the MASN app is free to fans who subscribe to cable and satellite providers who carry MASN.