Report: Nats hoping to install roof over Nationals Park

Mark Segraves of NBC4 has fired off an interesting tweet tonight, reporting that the Nationals are interested in installing a roof over Nats Park.

In order to fund the roof, Segraves is reporting that the Nationals are asking taxpayers to put up around $300 million.

The discussions are reportedly in the preliminary stages, but Segraves cites multiple sources who say that executives with the team approached several District officials, including Mayor Vincent Gray’s office, to propose the roof, and that potential diagrams of the roof have already been submitted to the mayor.

Nationals Park was built in 2008 and cost a reported $693 million, which was paid for entirely through public funding.

Washington is getting closer to spending a reported $150 million to build a new soccer stadium for D.C. United, and the Verizon Center is set to receive about $50 million in public money to make improvements to that arena.

Seven major league cities currently have roofs or domes over their stadiums - Miami, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Toronto, Houston, Seattle and St. Petersburg, Fla.

As you might notice by looking at that list, all of those cities are either in distinctly hot-weather or cold-weather areas - or, in the case of Seattle, where rain is prevalent.

The Nationals had four games rained out in 2013.

What’s everyone’s take on this topic? Is a roof over Nationals Park something that you all might be open to, or is this an idea you hope doesn’t come to fruition?

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