Monday morning Nats Q&A

I’ll admit I’ve been holding off doing a Q&A for a few weeks, because I know where this is likely going. There’s a lot of aggravation out there among Nationals fans, and while it’s certainly justified, it also tends to lead to irrational and unproductive conversations that put your trusty beat writer in awkward and no-win situations.

Kyle-Barraclough-Reaction-After-Grand-Slam-Gray-Sidebar.jpgBut I know you have thoughts, and I know you want my thoughts on those thoughts. And so I thought I’d give this a shot today and see how it goes. But here is the important ground rule: All questions must be well thought out. They must go beyond the simplistic (and unanswerable) queries like: “When are they going to fire/demote/DFA (Insert Name Here)?” Let’s keep this sophisticated, please, and try to have a productive conversation about a team that has reached a real critical juncture of its season, which is now 25 percent complete.

As always, submit your questions in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them with as much insight and perspective as I can.

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