Monday morning Nats Q&A

Well, it was an eventful week for the Nationals out in San Diego, where they were the center of attention at the Winter Meetings, with both positive and negative results. They re-signed Stephen Strasburg for seven years and $245 million. Then they watched Anthony Rendon leave for seven years and $245 million. Which leaves them in a bit of a predicament as they try to find some way to make up for his lost production, defense and overall presence. It won’t be easy.

Anthony-Rendon-HR-Swing-Gray-at-CHW-Sidebar.jpgThere’s plenty more going on beyond those two big names, of course. There are still holes to fill at first base and second base (in addition to third base). There’s a bullpen that needs another proven arm (or, preferably, two). There was last week’s announcement of a coaching role shuffling. The offseason is now in full swing, with 2020 fast approaching and the 2019 World Series slowly fading away in the rear-view mirror.

So let’s take an opportunity this morning to answer your questions on all of this. Submit your comments below, then check back later this morning as I do my best to provide coherent answers ...

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