What item should top Nats’ offseason wish list?

Thanksgiving weekend, of course, marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, though obviously this year is a little bit different from the norm. Black Friday did take place, but it wasn’t nearly the spectacle it usually is, and for good reason.

Baseball’s shopping season also is different this year. We’ve already seen how slow the market has been to develop, and it’s probably going to remain that way for a while, at least until clubs know what exactly the 2021 season is going to look like and how much money they’re comfortable spending on roster improvements.

But every team needs something, most more than one thing. The Nationals have plenty of needs as they attempt to patch some significant holes and return to contention next year. And the time has come to start shopping.

They can’t have everything they want, though. Nobody ever can. They’re going to have to prioritize their wish list and focus on the most important acquisitions available to them, not so much on frivolous purchases that might be nice to have but aren’t really mandatory at this point.

nats-park-rally-towels.jpgWhat’s on that list of must-have items? We’ve argued all along a big bat needs to be priority No. 1. Another starting pitcher also is high on the list. As is a catcher, a left-handed reliever and perhaps another infielder, depending on how the entire lineup shapes up.

But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion here, provided it comes with a compelling explanation. Maybe you believe another front-line starting pitcher is most important. Maybe you’re focused on a leadoff hitter. Or maybe you’d sacrifice all new acquisitions in exchange for a long-term contract for Juan Soto.

Here’s your chance to share your thoughts with everyone. What’s your Nats holiday wish list look like? What’s most important to you? What’s less of a priority? You can be generic (a power-hitting corner outfielder) or specific (George Springer). But you’ve got to be realistic. (Sorry, they aren’t trading for Anthony Rendon.)

Share your wish list in the comments section, and let’s see just how wide-ranging these opinions are.

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