Monday morning Nats Q&A

Well, we’ve reached the third week of December, and the hot stove remains pretty cold from the Nationals’ perspective. All of the significant roster holes they knew they had a month ago remain significant roster holes. They’ve made a handful of fringe transactions, but nothing all that consequential yet.

Rizzo-Martinez-Dugout-sidebar.jpgPerhaps that will change before this week is over. If nothing else, we’re finally going to hear from general manager Mike Rizzo and manage Davey Martinez on the record. Both men are scheduled to hold Zoom conferences with reporters Tuesday afternoon, the first opportunity we will have had to interview either the general manager or the manager since the season ended 11 weeks ago. So hopefully we’ll have some news for you in the next 24 hours.

Until then, let’s spend another Monday morning taking your questions right here. As always, submit your queries in the comments section below, then check back throughout the morning for answers ...

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