Tuesday morning Nats Q&A

Hey, what do you know, the Nationals actually made some news over the weekend. They acquired their second potentially big bat of the winter, signing left fielder Kyle Schwarber for one year and a guaranteed $10 million. This after trading for first baseman Josh Bell on Christmas Eve.

Thumbnail image for Scherzer-Delivers-Gray-Camden-Yards-Sidebar.jpgIt’s a start, but the Nats are far from finished assembling their 2021 roster. There are more moves to be made, most notably acquiring a No. 4 starter, at least one more reliever, another catcher, a bench player or two and perhaps even one more member of the lineup.

What’s next? We’ll try to address that as well as possible in today’s Q&A. As always, submit your questions in the comments section below, then check back throughout the morning for my replies.

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