Friday morning Nats Q&A

Given the events of the previous 48 hours, the Nationals couldn’t have been too disappointed when Thursday night’s series opener against the Giants was rained out. The team was exhausted after a nine-game road trip, which ended with an 11-inning win at Tampa Bay and an overnight flight home that didn’t get them to bed until 6:30 a.m. Thursday. With the bullpen already taxed, the idea of playing Thursday wasn’t all that appealing.

Thumbnail image for Scherzer-Deals-White-Sidebar.jpgNow, everyone got an extra day of rest and a full night’s sleep. Max Scherzer had his start pushed back a day, so he’s good to go. And Daniel Hudson and Brad Hand, plus the rest of the bullpen, is good to go as well. The Nats should be in good shape to handle Saturday’s day-night doubleheader, with Erick Fedde set to come off the COVID-19 injured list to start one game and Joe Ross already scheduled to start the other.

Since there was no game to write about Thursday night, there’s not much new to write about this morning. So let’s take the opportunity to answer your questions. As always, please submit your questions in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them over the course of the morning. Just promise you’ll keep them respectful and stick to subjects I can actually answer.

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