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Fantasy Baseball makes it to MASN & a reminder for the weekend

It’s part of the nature of a sports fan. Every fan, no matter how loyal or faithful, has his or her own ideas about what might work better than what’s already been tried. So if you think you could GM better than the rest of ‘em, the job offer has arrived at MASNsports.com. MASN announced its first Fantasy Baseball contest today, challenging fans to put

Big news and a few small ceremonies

If the name Steve Johnson sounds familiar, you might remember reading about O’s broadcaster Dave Johnson’s son in an article here in the Orioles Buzz back in February. That far back, Steve Johnson’s only connection to the Orioles was his father, Dave Johnson, who was nice enough to include me on emails updating Steve’s progress in the Dodgers’ minor league system. That connection looks like

Inaugural Orioles Cook-Off crowns Zaun as best cook in Birdland

The next time you visit the ESPN Zone in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, say for an Oriole player Q&A, you’ll notice a special new addition to the restaurant’s menu: Orioles Catcher Gregg Zaun’s famous Chicken Enchiladas. As the winner of the Inaugural Orioles Cook-Off at the ESPN Zone this afternoon, Zaun earned a black and orange spatula plaque and his recipe, which includes shredded chicken slow-simmered

Competition at the plate

There seems to be an unofficial theme at the Inaugural Orioles Cook-Off at the ESPN Zone Tuesday, so hopefully you’re in the mood for Spanish tortillas, fish tacos, and chicken enchiladas. Three of your favorite O’s, ace Jeremy Guthrie, 2B Brian Roberts, and veteran CA Gregg Zaun will be trading their bats and gloves for recipes and oven mitts in the Orioles first-ever cook-off competition

The Birds are back in town

The Orioles’ schedule in July has left the Yard painfully quiet for the bulk of the month. Though the Birds returned home for a short and sweet three-game set against the Blue Jays heading into the All-Star break, the O’s haven’t been home for a single series since. In fact, in the two weeks including and following the All-Star break, the Yard has sat still

Maximum access to stats you want to know with MASN to GO

Baseball is a lot of things: nostalgic, fun, traditional, exciting, challenging, both intricate and simple, historical... It’s a game that takes skill and precision and one that evokes emotions and memories, but it’s also one that falls back always on the tradition of numbers. You’ve heard people say, “Baseball has a statistic for everything.” And it’s true. And you might be one of those people

What to expect at Orioles spring training in Sarasota, FL

After much anticipation over the Orioles’ new spring training home, you won’t have to wait long to see what it could look like. Before the first photos appear in a newspaper or online, before your first glimpse in person when you make your inaugural visit, you can see exactly how the designers imagine the structure falling into place, as Sarasota County has released artists renderings

Baseball shouldn’t break the bank

I felt a fan’s pain when I read his thread on a Baltimore Sun message board: “2 hot dogs, 2 beers = $31...That pretty much sums up my experience at Yankee Stadium last night.” That fan went on to complain that the prices at Yankee Stadium are “astronomical,” and if you’re a regular fan at the ballpark these days, it’s no secret that a baseball

One for the books

After editing Jim Hunter’s latest blog (The prospect is exciting), and after having posted entries from Rick Dempsey (The possibilities for a better second half) and Amber Theorharis (Bergesen’s contributions loom large), I’d spent a fair amount of time in the Orioles’ photo system looking for pictures of one guy or another from the O’s group of promising pitching prospects. Say that five times fast.

Orioles events to look forward to

Following the All-Star break, most fans realize the baseball season is basically halfway to its end. But what also comes along with that awareness is the realization that the summer is essentially halfway over as well. So as the Orioles look to the second half, you’re making plans for the rest of the summer in order to “fit all in,” either before school or before

Orioles and the All-Star Game

This might be Adam Jones’ first All-Star Game, but in addition to the rule that ensures each team sends a representative, the Orioles are no strangers to the events of All-Star week. The Orioles have hosted the All-Star Game twice in the event’s history, and the American League came out on top both times. The first Midsummer Classic held in Birdland was in 1958 when

This and That

Fireworks Friday Fans out for the first game of the Orioles’ last series before the All-Star break should remember to take advantage of Student Night if it applies to you and also to enjoy postgame fireworks after the O’s face the Blue Jays at home. Student Night makes $6 left field upper reserve tickets available to students with a valid ID and Fireworks Night is

“Play like the pros...with the pros”

Orioles Baseball Summer Camps use the slogan “Learn how to play like the pros...with the pros.” Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? The Orioles have established dates in July and August during which they’ll hold three, four-day summer baseball camps for boys and girls ages 7-16. Each of the camps, which will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, includes appearances by a

Lunch with Jeremy Guthrie this week

While he won’t ride his bicycle to Owings Mills the way he travels to work at Camden Yards most days, Orioles ace Jeremy Guthrie will be at the Wendy’s on Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills Friday afternoon to sign autographs and spend some time with Orioles fans before the Birds take on the Blue Jays at home at 7:00 p.m. Adam Jones was the first

Happy Fourth of July?

At least if you have to work on July 4th this year you won’t feel like you’re missing a fun Orioles day game at Camden Yards. With the Orioles facing the Angels on the west coast this weekend, the Yard will sit quiet for the Fourth. But since the O’s won’t be home to help you celebrate, let’s look at how the Birds have fared

Last chance to cast your O’s votes for All-Star Game

It snuck up on us, but voting for the All-Star Game ends tonight at 11:59 p.m., which makes today your last chance to vote for your favorite Orioles on the ballot. The full Orioles ballot includes: Aubrey Huff - First Base Brian Roberts - Second Base Cesar Izturis - Shortstop Melvin Mora - Third Base Gregg Zaun - Catcher Luke Scott - Outfield Adam Jones

What’s your take on the shaving cream pie celebration?

There were no shaving cream pies after the Orioles’ incredible 11-10 comeback win over the Red Sox Tuesday night. But there have been plenty of them in the first half of the ‘09 baseball season with a steady string of Orioles rookies making their debuts and their marks on the Yard. The players seem to be enjoying themselves and welcoming the young guys with open

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