Happy Fourth of July?

At least if you have to work on July 4th this year you won’t feel like you’re missing a fun Orioles day game at Camden Yards.

With the Orioles facing the Angels on the west coast this weekend, the Yard will sit quiet for the Fourth. But since the O’s won’t be home to help you celebrate, let’s look at how the Birds have fared on past Independence Days to see if Orioles fans can at least look forward to some good news when the end of the holiday weekend rolls around on Sunday.

In the last 10 years on July 4 the Orioles have...

  • Played just 3 games at home and the remaining 7 on the road
  • Scored a total of 61 runs
  • Allowed a total of 61 runs
  • Scored 7 or more runs in each July 4th win
  • Allowed 13 runs twice on Independence Day
  • Played the Yankees 4 times
  • And won 6 out of the last 10 games on July 4th

So even if the date has no bearing on the results, let’s hope for a win or two in Anaheim to help celebrate the holiday weekend. Have a Happy Fourth of July and Go O’s!

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