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Happy anniversary: Recalling the end of the 21-game losing streak in 1988

Where were you 23 years ago tonight? On April 29, 1988, shortly after 11 p.m. on the East Coast, the long nightmare that had become a season-opening 21-game losing streak by the Orioles ended (though it remains a record). Future Oriole and native Marylander Harold Baines rolled over on an offering from reliever Dave Schmidt, weakly grounding a ball to second base, where Pete Stanicek

Anthony Amobi: Gonzalez an example of risk not yielding reward

It’s no mystery to anyone that reliever Mike Gonzalez has had his share of struggles as a member of the Baltimore Orioles. When Gonzalez signed with the team before last season, I thought it was a decent signing at the time despite the money involved. Baltimore needed bullpen help after yet another lackluster season in 2009 and I thought that Gonzalez fit the bill. The

Anthony Amobi: Put any worries about Wieters on hold

Over the past few months, fans and sports pundits have wondered whether or not Matt Wieters is a bust - despite the Orioles catcher only having played in the major leagues for less than two full seasons. I remember the Friday night of his major league debut like it was yesterday. It was a warm one in June 2009 and 42,000 fans jammed Oriole Park

Heath Bintliff: Statistically speaking, Derrek Lee just needs some luck

Derrek Lee, one of the two old veterans that the Orioles signed this offseason to stabilize the lineup and inject the offense with some punch, is hitting an abysmal .222/.300/.284 thus far with only three extra-base hits. His .584 OPS is the worst among the regulars in the lineup. But fear not, I bring you good news about Lee and his apparent struggles: He’s actually

Anthony Amobi: Regardless of manager, players need to perform

It’s been a tough two weeks for the Baltimore Orioles and we all know it. After a promising start to the season, there’s been a lot of losing thanks to inconsistent pitching and a lack of offense. After the sweep by the Yankees this weekend, a lot of fans either on sports talk radio and various places online started to question the decisions of Orioles

Anthony Amobi: Remembering what made me a fan

It’s been a tough stretch for Baltimore Orioles fans over the past decade. No matter where you reside - whether it’s in Maryland, Florida, California or any part of the world - it’s been startling to see what has happened to the Orioles. Sadly, they have not had a winning season since Bill Clinton was president of the United States of America. Yet, despite it

Anthony Amobi: Amid struggles, O’s still deserve fans’ support

Good morning everyone, I’m Anthony Amobi and this is my first entry as a guest blogger for MASNsports.com First and foremost, I’m a hardcore Orioles fan and have been through thick and thin. It’s a been rough time for us fans over the past 13 years; however, I’m an eternal optimist and believe better days are head for Orioles fans. I’m a native of the

Monday Memory: Camden Yards enduring reminder of Schaefer’s dedication to beloved Baltimore

Whatever you called him - Mr. Mayor, Governor, Hizzoner, Willie Don, Don or Mr. Schaefer - William Donald Schaefer, who passed away at 89 last week, wasn’t some egomaniacal politician who craved the spotlight at the expense of the people who voted him into office. Truth be told, Schaefer was never really comfortable in the spotlight and eschewed being the center of attention, though he

Heath Bintliff: WAR says Guthrie rates among O’s all-time best pitchers

Jeremy Guthrie turned in yet another good performance last night against the Minnesota Twins, even though he was handed the defeat. He went seven innings, gave up two runs, walked no one and struck out four. This is Guthrie’s fifth season with the Orioles. Is it time to start considering him among the great Oriole hurlers of all time? It sounds like an odd question.

Stepping inside Buck Showalter’s office for his inaugural video blog

The 2011 season has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Orioles manager Buck Showalter, whose team started off 6-1, then lost eight in a row before snapping the lengthy losing streak at home. With the O’s in the middle of a 10-game homestand, Showalter took some time out of his busy schedule and welcomed me into his office for his inaugural MASNsports.com

Heath Bintliff: How Britton’s start stacks up to other O’s southpaws

Orioles rookie southpaw Zach Britton moved his record to 3-1 last night as the Orioles narrowly beat the Twins 5-4. Britton gave up three runs over his six innings, giving him three quality starts over his first four career starts. I was curious how Britton’s hot start compared to other Oriole lefty starters throughout franchise history. Here’s how Britton stacks up to their first four

Heath Bintliff: Let’s let Jake Fox sit against lefties

Hi, Buck. I’m a big fan. Truly, I am. But I have a bone to pick with you. It’s about Jake Fox. I completely understand sacrificing defense for offense, especially when you are in a scoring drought like the Orioles were just slogging through before last night’s 11-0 win. (Although, do you have to put him if left with Chris Tillman is on the mound?

Heath Bintliff: The longest game in pro ball, 30 years later

Thirty years ago this morning, the longest game in professional baseball history was suspended. At 4:07 a.m., after 32 innings of play, umpires finally called the game, still tied at 2, between the Rochester Red Wings, the Orioles’ Triple-A affiliate, and the Pawtucket Red Sox of the International League. Famously, future Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and Wade Boggs played the entire game, both

Heath Bintliff: Orioles offense offers more of the same

Hello, MASNsports.com readers. My name is Heath Bintliff and I have been writing Dempsey’s Army, a Baltimore Orioles blog, since 2006. Although I grew up in Maryland, I now live in Atlanta and have been away from Maryland for 11 years. As you might imagine, there are not a lot of O’s fans down here in Georgia, so I needed an outlet for my Orioles

In defeat, we learned a lot about Britton

It wasn’t all going to be all roses and gumdrops for Zach Britton in his major league career. After two dominating efforts in his first two major league starts - Britton had allowed just one run in 13 2/3 innings prior to last night, earning two wins in the process - the left-hander finally proved he is, in fact, human. It’s sad to read, I

Jones “truly blessed” to don Jackie Robinson’s No. 42

Think Orioles center fielder Adam Jones doesn’t take the responsibility of donning Jackie Robinson’s legendary No. 42 once each season? Think again. Tonight is Major League Baseball’s annual celebration of the brave and talented player who broke the game’s color barrier in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Tonight, everyone in baseball will be wearing No. 42 (even Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who’s allowed to continue

Matthew Taylor: Brooks Robinson’s memorable final homer embodied Orioles magic

I figure it’s appropriate to end my first week of guest blogging for MASNsports.com in the traditional manner I end each week on my blog. It’s a nod to Orioles history that I call “Flashback Fridays.” This week’s Flashback Friday relates to the Orioles’ next opponent, the Cleveland Indians, and Orioles legend Brooks Robinson, who has been released from Greater Baltimore Medical Center after recovering

Matthew Taylor: Recalling Rodriguez’s long shot worthy of bronze

Perhaps the best feature of Camden Yards is the bronze baseballs along Eutaw Street marking home runs that landed on the walkway during game action. Visitors who tour the ballpark inevitably wind up looking down at the pavement to find their favorite players and teams. The baseballs embedded in the sidewalk tell part of the story - team, player, date, and distance - but there’s

Matthew Taylor: Developing an appreciation for Rivera’s talents

For an Orioles fan, deciding on your favorite Yankees player is like deciding on your favorite dental procedure. Nevertheless, I’ve come to acknowledge, appreciate, and admire - notice I never said like - the talents of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera during the 17 seasons he’s been cutting up major league hitters. Rather than breeding contempt, familiarity with one of the game’s greatest closers has produced

Yankees series could serve as an early measuring stick

So far this season, the Orioles have looked like contenders, a team that on any night can compete with the top rosters in the American League. They swept the suddenly hapless Rays, took two of three from Detroit, and hung with the defending AL champion Rangers - with the exception of that ugly Saturday night beatdown. But nine games is a pretty small sample size.

Matthew Taylor: A little background about the fans on TV

You’ve seen them before, probably more often than you’d like. And since I’m guest blogging for MASNsports.com this week, it seems like an appropriate time to discuss them. They’re the fans in the lower seating bowl who stand out - by design or otherwise - when you’re watching a game on television. They’re akin to the people who stand outside the window at the “Today”

Monday Memory: Welcome home, Natty Boh!

Judging solely by the number of people clamoring to have their photo taken with Mr. Boh on opening day, I’d say the return of National Bohemian - Natty Boh for short - to Camden Yards for the first time since 1992 is a toast-worthy occasion. So hoist your frosty, cold mug o’ brew (and, for a moment, conveniently ignore that the beer once brewed on

Matthew Taylor: Here’s hoping Birds take wing in The Bronx

The Orioles begin their season series with the Yankees on Tuesday. The last time the teams met, the O’s posted an improbable 4-3 victory in 11 innings at Camden Yards. Luke Scott homered off Mariano Rivera in the ninth, and the Birds used good fortune - and even better managing - to escape unscathed in the 11th inning after the Yankees put a runner on

Head to Hightopps for baseball chat, O’s-Yankees on April 14

Hightopps Backstage Grille in Timonium will host another in MASNsports.com’s series of Orioles baseball chats Thursday, April 14 at 6 p.m. in conjunction with that evening’s O’s-Yankees game in the Bronx. Join Steve Melewski and myself for an hour of dugout chatter before the game, then stick around for O’s-Yankees action on the many televisions at Hightopps. Some special unannounced guests may join us, and

Stacey Long: Keep O’s hot start in perspective

Did you know that the Orioles, not counting this year, have started the season 5-1 10 times (11 if you count the 1889 Orioles; I don’t)? It seems like it’s been forever since they started off a season this well, right? Wrong. The 2008 Orioles also started the season 5-1. They ended the season 68-93. They also started 5-1 in 2000 and ended with 74

Stacey Long: The importance of Josh Rupe

In last night’s loss to the Detroit Tigers, Josh Rupe pitched in relief and had what appeared to be a subpar outing. While he did give up two runs in three innings, Rupe actually saved the bullpen from what could have been a very taxing evening and subsequently a rough weekend. With starter Brad Bergesen unable to make it out of the fourth inning, the

Catchy O’s tune from Warning Track Power

If you don’t know Warning Track Power already, I suspect you soon will. Or at least you’ll be humming their new, upbeat orange-and-black anthem. The Baltimore-based band, which released an Orioles-inspired song, “How Bout Dem O’s,” in 2009 is back with an equally catchy tune to kick off the 2011 baseball season. Here’s “Oh Oh Orioles.” There’s a lot to like about this song, from

Stacey Long: Is it too early to consider an extension for Hardy?

Of all the offseason acquisitions made by the Orioles, the one I found most exciting was the trade for shortstop J.J. Hardy. I thought he’d be a good fit for the Orioles back when he played for the Brewers, so picking him up from the Twins for the bargain price of two minor league relievers was, in my opinion, a fantastic move. The only thing

Stacey Long: A different feel with invested, invigorated O’s fans

The online community for the Baltimore Orioles is a passionate and relatively tight-knit bunch. We comment on each other’s blogs, we follow each other on Twitter and we never stop talking about the O’s. Because of this it can be hard to have the proper perspective on the team’s fan base as a whole. There are, of course, a lot of things to be excited

Don’t downplay Wieters’ impact on 4-0 start

Matt Wieters has gotten a bit of heat for how he’s fared early on in his major league career. You might be aware of this by now. Following a 2010 season in which Wieters hit just .249 with 11 home runs and 55 RBIs, some baseball publications were already calling him a bust, and analysts and scouts might have been left wondering whether they’d missed

Stacey Long: There’s no opener like an opener in Baltimore

Hello MASNsports.com readers, and welcome to my first post on this fine Web site. My name is Stacey Long and I am the editor-in-chief at CamdenChat.com. Since 2005, Camden Chat has provided daily coverage of the Baltimore Orioles that is, in my (admittedly biased) opinion, the best you’ll find on the Internet. Our writers are always intelligent, often hilarious and occasionally grumpy. With statistical analysis,

Dad’s decision: Opener a valid reason for early dismissal

This morning, plenty of parents faced a dilemma as they sent their kids off to school: How to word the letter to administrators requesting an early dismissal. Officially, there are a plethora of reasons why a kid in or around Baltimore would need to leave school a little early today. Doctor’s appointments usually don’t arouse much suspicion. Ditto for a dental exam. Maybe a funeral.

From St. Pete, Jones tweets get well wishes to Brooks

Adam Jones has a lot on his mind today down in St. Petersburg, Fla., where the Orioles are getting ready to open their 2011 season against the Tampa Bay Rays. But the Orioles center fielder has enough of a sense of Baltimore baseball history to have tweeted get well wishes to hospitalized Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson, who is recovering from a high fever and

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