Stacey Long: There’s no opener like an opener in Baltimore

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Today is opening day, and because there is no other day like opening day in Baltimore, the tendency is to wax poetic about the magic in the air, the palpable feeling of excitement for a new season and hope of a different result than what we’ve seen this decade. I understand that sentiment and I even fall victim to it. After all, the Orioles haven’t given us much to be proud of the past 13 years, but on opening day that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they were bad last year or if they will be good this year; all that matters is that they are the Baltimore Orioles, and we love them for it.

Opening day is fantastic. Camden Yards is packed (and not with Red Sox or Yankees fans), the “O!” in the national anthem is louder than it will be all year, and fans dressed in orange and black crowd the Inner Harbor and the bars along Pratt Street. But then, almost as quickly as it began, opening day is gone, and with it go the crowds, the lead story on the news and that giddy feeling that comes with the start of the season.

For the real baseball fan, however, the joy isn’t in the pomp and circumstance of opening day; it is in the constant presence of the sport. Opening day is exciting because it signals the return of an old friend, one that will be with us every day for six months. Unlike football fans that only have to gear up for one game a week, baseball weaves itself into everyday life, lodges itself into the daily routine. Get up, go to work, come home, watch baseball, go to bed, repeat.

The beauty of baseball is the comfort it brings to its fans. Perhaps the Orioles will come home to Baltimore, fresh off their sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, and put together a shocking campaign that leads them to the playoffs. Perhaps they’ll fall apart and 2011 will mark their 14th consecutive losing season. Either way, they’ll be there for us every night, and we’ll be there for them. And that’s what makes baseball great.

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