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Heath Bintliff: The Orioles’ power surge

Power makes the offense go ‘round and the Orioles received it in large doses from a quartet of sluggers over a terrific April that left them five games over .500. I thought I would take a closer look at their performances so far in terms of their Isolate Power (ISO), a stat that measures power independent of batting average. Matt Wieters - We’ll start with

Flashback: Frank Robinson and the Orioles’ transformation into a contender

There’s no way around it: Frank Robinson’s arrival via trade in December 1965 transformed the Orioles, pushing a club on the precipice of contention into the postseason - immediately. Considered an old 30 and expendable by the Reds, Robinson flourished in Baltimore. He won the Triple Crown in 1966 - leading the American League with a .316 average, 49 homers and 122 RBIs - and

All-Star voting begins tonight at Camden Yards

Ready to make sure the first-place Orioles are well-represented at the All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 10? Beginning tonight, you can take matters - and ballots - into your own hands during home games at Camden Yards. Tonight’s A’s-O’s game marks the beginning of in-game voting for the annual Midsummer Classic. During home games through June 13, fans at Camden Yards can vote

Matthew Taylor: Bullish on the bullpen

The Orioles currently have one of the game’s best relief corps. The bullpen’s 1.96 ERA and 10 saves are tops in baseball. Take a moment to let that sink in. The team that for the past decade or more has been synonymous with late-inning meltdowns (think Mother’s Day Massacre) and historic failings (think 30-3) has one of the game’s finest late-inning outfits. Earlier in the

Do cartoon bird, The Oriole Bird need real names?

Late last night - or earlier today, if you’re one of those who works the morning shift - ex-Oriole Eric Byrnes offered an interesting opinion while recapping the highlights of Wednesday’s games on MLB Network’s “Quick Pitch.” “The cartoon bird,” Byrnes said, referring to the logo that adorns the O’s new retro-style caps, “I think he needs a name.” Byrnes was an Oriole for only

Anthony Amobi: Wieters’ emergence silences his critics

Heading into the 2012 season, Matt Wieters has emerged as a leader for the Orioles. Many have argued whether or not he is a bust - despite only having played in the major leagues for less than three full seasons. That being said, he is far from that. So Wieters has not turned into the next Johnny Bench or a Joe Mauer with power. The

Sports Legends Museum presents Jon Miller, Camden Yards memories May 22

For many Orioles fans, Jon Miller will be the voice most associated with Camden Yards. He was the lead play-by-play radio broadcaster when the team moved downtown from 33rd Street, and his call of Cal Ripken’s 2,131st game is nothing short of iconic. It’s little wonder Miller was presented the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence in 2010 by the Nationals Baseball Hall of

Neal Shaffer: What draws you to Camden Yards?

One thing we know for certain: Fourteen years of poor performance has taken a toll on the fan base. It has thinned the ranks of casual fans, of course; that much is obvious. But I believe it has thinned the ranks of die-hards as well. Across the board, there just aren’t as many Orioles fans as there used to be. The evidence is anecdotal but

Join Adam Jones for live video chat Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Adam Jones has yet to meet a conversation he didn’t like. He’ll engage reporters in the clubhouse and fans on Twitter. While some players like to insulate themselves from everything outside the ballpark, Jones seems to relish the opportunity to connect with anyone interested in Orioles baseball. Tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to pepper the O’s center fielder and cleanup hitter with questions during a

Heath Bintliff: What a relief it is

For the first time in years, I am loving the Orioles bullpen. I loved them when they broke camp. I thought it was almost perfectly constructed, given the personnel on hand and they are performing admirably. Over the past 14 years of losing, the bullpen has ranked among the worst in baseball, year in and year out. Sure, there were a couple of exceptions, but

Matthew Taylor: A few words on fairness

The Orioles are currently in first place. But by the end of a 162-game season they won’t be, and it’s largely due to the fact that baseball is a fair sport. First, let’s define fairness in this context. Fairness doesn’t relate to payroll. The balance of baseball bucks decidedly favors roughly a quarter of major league teams. Instead, I use fairness in relation to the

F. Robinson will throw out first pitch before Gilman, St. Joe meet in tourney final Saturday

When Gilman and Mt. St. Joseph meet Saturday at Camden Yards in the finals of the President’s Cup high school tournament, the opportunity to play on the same field used by the Orioles will be only one of the highlights for two prep teams. Former Orioles player and manager Frank Robinson, a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., will throw

Anthony Amobi: Role finally solidified, Reimold on a roll

As most fans know, it has been an extremely tough road for Nolan Reimold during the past few seasons. Life is always full of ups and downs, but the true test of someone’s character depends on how they persevere. So far, Reimold is passing that test - at least professionally. During the early weeks of the season, he has been one of the hottest hitters

Neal Shaffer: A dream of 2005 all over again

The Orioles’ hot start here in 2012 should not give rise to indulgent thoughts of a winning season. That much has to be said up front. It’s true that there’s plenty to enjoy so far, but let’s take it game by game. Odds are, this team will still eventually lose more than they win. Let’s say for the sake of argument, however, that they keep

Heath Bintliff: Nolan Reimold and other delights

At this time last season, I was keeping vigil for Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold. Reimold had been exiled to Triple-A Norfolk after a very good spring in Sarasota (.315/.448/.537) and, after a wretched 2010 campaign, finally looked healthy, fully recovered from offseason Achilles tendon surgery that cut his 2009 season short and ready to build upon the .831 OPS he put up during his rookie

Flashback: Going batty over giveaway lumber

No doubt about it, Orioles fans love their giveaways. From brandishing T-shirt Tuesday handouts to lining up bobbleheads as part of their office decor to loveable but goofy looking floppy hats on the beaches in Ocean City, Md., and Rehoboth Beach, Del., those premiums distributed at the Camden Yards gates become prized possessions. Over the years, the O’s have scheduled some pretty interesting giveaways. Remember

Matthew Taylor: Examining the legend of Dylan Bundy

It’s fitting that the surnames Bundy and Bunyan are so similar. In two brief minor league outings, 19-year-old pitcher Dylan Bundy is burnishing a legend among Orioles fans that’s roughly equivalent to Paul Bunyan’s place in American folklore. However, there’s a distance between the developing Bundy legend and the actual Bundy reality I witnessed firsthand this week in Kannapolis, N.C. (You can see photos and

Anthony Amobi: This season is critical for Adam Jones

During the offseason, one the biggest names on the Orioles - Adam Jones - was a target of trade rumors, specifically talks with the Atlanta Braves for pitcher Jair Jurrjens and infielder Martin Prado. Baltimore didn’t wind up trading Jones, as we all know; however, will he stay with Orioles throughout his career or move to greener pastures and go to a winner? Jones’ profile

O’s turning back bleacher prices to 1992 for select games

How’s this for a budget-busting way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards: throwback 1992 pricing for Eutaw Street bleachers for select games during the 2012 campaign. For six games this season, a limited number of bleacher seats will be available for $4, their price in 1992, the ballpark’s first season. The selected dates are April 27 against Oakland, May 7 versus Texas, July

Neal Shaffer: “No expectations, just baseball” - O’s fans’ mantra for 2012

Those of you who follow me at my regular baseball home, The Loss Column, have seen me discuss this at some length. I don’t want to repeat myself too much, but I’ve also never really offered up a dedicated explanation of my thinking. The uniqueness of this forum seems a good place to do that. To wit: I have worked out a way - possibly

Heath Bintliff: Looking back on Brian Roberts

Nobody will say it. Nobody wants to say it. Nobody wants it to be true. But it’s time to face the fact that we may never see Brian Roberts play meaningful time for the Orioles again. He hasn’t played even more than 59 games in the last two seasons and his injuries, now concussion-related, have seemed to linger longer as he gets older. The odds

Olivia Witherite: No better month than April

I don’t even remember a winning season. Ever since I became a fan of the Orioles and of baseball in general, I have watched the team play to a sub-.500 record. The last time they had a winning season, it was 1997, and I was much too young to process or remember it. However, the game is so much more than wins and losses. While

Matthew Taylor: It wasn’t love at first sight for me and Camden Yards

I was among the first paying customers to step inside Camden Yards, and I initially wasn’t sold on the place. That’s not the sort of thing you expect to read on opening day, particularly at the outset of the 20th anniversary season for “The Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball,” but to state otherwise would be dishonest. A little background is in order. The first game

At first glance, new sightlines are impressive additions to Camden Yards

If first appearances count for anything, I’m predicting that Orioles fans are going to really enjoy some of the renovations and new food offerings at Camden Yards. They’ll go on full display Friday, when the O’s draw the curtain on the 2012 season against the Minnesota Twins, but I’ve just returned from a sneak peek. Color me impressed - and eager to sneak down to

Orioles, MVA team up for speciality cartoon bird license plates

Want to change those dull, white license plates on your car? Now you can. The Orioles and Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration are now giving you that opportunity. Today, the Orioles announced that, in conjunction with the MVA, they have created Orioles-themed license plates. The plates will be $50 apiece, with $25 going to the Baltimore Orioles Charitable Foundation. Also for charity, license plate numbers featuring

Sutcliffe-Hoiles battery returns for 20th anniversary of Camden Yards

When the Orioles open the 2012 season Friday against the Twins - and begin a season-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards - they’ll turn back the clock to 1992 for the ceremonial first pitch. Rick Sutcliffe and Chris Hoiles, who were the pitcher and catcher during the ballpark’s debut two decades ago, will reprise their role as battery mates for Friday’s festivities.

Flashback: Spring training, Thomasville, Ga., and the “Oriole Way”

One of the major benefits to the Orioles’ move to Sarasota, Fla., from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., three years ago was the shortening of the distance between the club’s major and minor league spring facilities. Even though the O’s big league camp had been at Fort Lauderdale Stadium from 1996-2009, the minor leaguers remained at least a three-hour drive away at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota,

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