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Zach Wilt: Kevin Gausman’s biggest concern

Kevin Gausman’s first five starts in 2013 have absolutely captivated the baseball world. Some prospect experts love talking about his smooth upper-90s fastball while others highlight his quick work on the mound or his ability work out of jams. For me, I’m most impressed with Gausman’s command, which is highlighted by his incredible 29-to-1 K/BB ratio. In 28 2/3 innings pitched, Gausman has surrendered just

Domenic Vadala: When did the culture change in Baltimore?

With the advent of the internet, we’re, in theory, no longer bound to listen to only local radio as most stations stream their programming online. So being interested in some local perspective on the NBA playoffs, I tuned into WEEI-Boston’s midday “Mut and Merloni” show last week. At that moment, they were talking about the American League East and specifically about the Toronto Blue Jays.

Matthew Taylor: Inside the O’s now-ended streak of extra-inning success

The Orioles’ streak of 17 consecutive extra-inning victories ended with Wednesday’s 6-5 loss to Toronto. The Orioles matched the 1949 Cleveland Indians for most consecutive extra-inning victories in major league history. I reviewed the box scores from all 17 games and came away with the following facts and figures: * The average number of innings played per game during the streak fell just shy of

Anthony Amobi: Will Jake Arrieta ever figure it out?

On Sunday, Jake Arrieta started on the mound for the Orioles. One would have thought after a successful spring training, he would finally figure it out after several seasons in the majors. From the looks of things, he still may not have. After his performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Arrieta was again optioned to Triple-A Norfolk for seemingly the umpteenth time in the last

O’s announce online “Vote Orange” campaign for All-Star Game

Ready. Set. Vote. In fact, why not “Vote Orange?” That’s how the Orioles have colored the start of voting for the All-Star Game, which will be held on Tuesday, July 12 at Citi Field in Flushing, N.Y. The O’s want to be fairly represented at the Midsummer Classic and beginning today, fans can cast up to 35 ballots per email address to send their favorite

Zach Wilt: For starters, O’s have options to replace Arrieta

Yesterday, the Orioles sent Jake Arrieta to Triple-A Norfolk after his disappointing start against the Dodgers. Personally, I’m optimistic about Arrieta, as he’s a hard-throwing righty who has movement on his pitches and has shown dominance at times when he commands his pitches. The Orioles believe he has the stuff to help them down the road and think his emotions are what affects his mechanics.

A few words on Brooks Robinson

Having Brooks Robinson back at Camden Yards on Saturday eulogizing former Orioles manager Earl Weaver wasn’t necessarily a somber occasion. In fact, leading into Saturday’s “Celebration of Earl,” many fans were telling me they were most looking forward to having the chance to see, listen to, perhaps even meet Robinson. That’s the Brooks effect. His mere presence makes wherever he is, whatever is happening a

Domenic Vadala: O’s starters need to stop nibbling to go deeper

Through the first couple weeks of the regular season, we’ve consistently heard about how Orioles starters need to go deeper into games. Obviously, it goes without saying that it’s not quite as simple in practice as it is to talk about. The first question that should be asked is: Why aren’t the starters going deeper? If you look at the anatomy of the games, one

Matthew Taylor: Planning a visit to the site of a Camden Yards milestone

As a fan of Orioles history, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Camden Yards on Saturday night to hear Hall of Famers Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson, and others celebrate the baseball life of the late Earl of Baltimore. At some point during the evening, I’ll amble out beyond the bullpens and pay my respects at Earl Weaver’s statue. I imagine

Neal Shaffer: Confidence colors perspective as 2013 unfolds

Last Friday night, Adam Jones dropped an easy fly ball. He dropped that fly ball and it basically cost the Orioles a game against the hated Yankees. How did you feel when it happened? Did you think, “So it goes. Errors are part of the game, even for a player as good as Jones.” Or did you find a more sinister angle? Did you think,

Zach Wilt: Pitching low more important than higher velocity for Hunter

After struggling as a starting pitcher last season, the Orioles moved Tommy Hunter to the bullpen where he proved to be a successful, power right-handed reliever. Hunter appeared in 13 games in relief in 2012, pitching 17 innings with a 3.71 ERA and impressive 4.00 K/BB ratio. He also showed the Orioles that, in small doses, he could crank up his velocity to triple digits.

Domenic Vadala: In assuming responsibility for error, Jones sets an example

We all saw the three-run error committed by Adam Jones in Friday’s game at Yankee Stadium. I hesitate to say that it cost the Orioles the game, given that there are so many other aspects to any game than just one play, but I digress. Afterward, Jones did something that should make people stand up and take notice: He took accountability. There were several comments

Matthew Taylor: Of Davis and comparisons to beefy left-handed bashers

On April 5, with Chris Davis having hit four home runs in four games, MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons commented on Twitter about the Orioles’ 2011 acquisition of the lefty slugger and remarked, “Now Davis is Boog.” Boog, of course, is Boog Powell. And Gammons, of course, was engaging in a bit of hyperbole. Chris Davis is no Boog Powell. Nevertheless, a player like Davis,

Anthony Amobi: Davis repays Orioles’ patience with power surge

As we all know by now, Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is enjoying a torrid - as well as historic - start to the 2013 season. Over the past few seasons, he has become not only a star, but an endearing presence to the Orioles fan base - not only because of his freakish power and 6-foot-3physique, but his ever-improving ability at the plate. The

Neal Shaffer: On the Orioles and expectations

Quick show of hands: Who thought we’d be here? The Orioles’ unexpected, unlikely and sublimely satisfying run to the postseason last year changed a lot of things in Birdland. It changed the relationship between the team and the city. It changed the way we thought of the people involved. It made Peter Angelos into less of a villain (or should have) and it made Adam

For compelling story and baseball realism, “42” is a must-see

What makes a great baseball movie? Like all flicks, it’s got to have a compelling story that grabs your attention. Interesting characters are a must, because without them, you’re thinking more about refilling that 68-ounce Diet Coke than what’s on the screen. Intriguing dialogue follows good characters on my must-have list. But the most important thing for a successful baseball movie is a reverent, honest

Zach Wilt: No reason to panic this early in season

Get your finger off the panic button. The Orioles are only seven games into the 2013 season. You’re not allowed to worry yet. The old cliche saying goes, “a baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint,” and right now the Orioles just finished mile one of 26.2. If this were a movie, we’d be halfway through the opening credits. If it were a football

Domenic Vadala: Today, there’s joy in Mudville

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard of Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s poem, “Casey at the Bat.” Published on June 3, 1888, the poem is considered a classic piece of American literature as much as it is a part of baseball lore. One might ask why I’m referencing a poem that, while propping up baseball as America’s pastime, is also about a hero

Matthew Taylor: Knocking at the door of franchise’s all-time marks

Happy opening day, Baltimore fans. I’m sorry to report that I won’t be at Camden Yards for the opener. Nevertheless, I have taken the day off from work to watch the game at home. It’s not an official holiday, but it should be. Each new season brings the promise of the unknown, so we start the year with predictions and projections that typically focus on

Next year is finally here, but a dear friend is missing

Clichés, Crash Davis counseled Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh on a “Bull Durham” bus ride through baseball’s bushes, are our friends. Learn them, know them, use them - and they’ll return your faith in kind. Sportswriters know this, but try their best to avoid clichés, and the players that favor them. It’s nothing personal, mind you., but someone who doesn’t offer a pithy observation isn’t much

Anthony Amobi: Roberts off to good start, but can it continue?

It has been quite a journey for Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts for the past several seasons. Roberts is the longest-tenured member of the Orioles, having played his entire 12-year career with the team. However, he has spent more time as a bystander than on the field in recent years. Now the question for Orioles fans is this: Can Roberts still be a productive player,

Zach Wilt: A few words about opening day

Opening day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Second only to Christmas, if we’re being honest. Yes, I know that opening day technically isn’t a holiday, but for me it’s the day that not only indicates that warm weather is around the corner (whether you believe it or not), but also a time of hope for 30 different fan bases across North

Domenic Vadala: In Buck we trust

Greetings, MASNsports.com readers. On behalf of the Fansided Network and our great staff of writers at Birds Watcher, it’s an honor to be back with you for the 2013 season. With the season beginning in earnest tomorrow afternoon in St. Petersburg, Fla., the big lingering question regarding the Orioles is whether or not they can repeat their successes from 2012. Before getting into that question,

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