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Yard Talk: The Renewed Rivalry

Is the Orioles-Yankees rivalry because of the 1996 ALCS? Is it due to the close proximity between the two cities? Or, is it just the natural tension that arises between two competitive teams in the same division? Regardless of the reason, the rivalry between the Orioles and Yankees is very much alive, and with the AL East tighter than ever, it has been taken to

Kevin Gausman trades doughnuts for pie after first win

Coming into the game in the third inning, rookie Kevin Gausman pitched 4 1/3 scoreless innings, striking out four. He left the game after the top of the seventh, and Nate McLouth hit a solo shot in the bottom of the inning for the Orioles’ go-ahead run. Gausman earned his first major league win and was rewarded with a pie from Adam Jones. Hey, it’s

Matthew Taylor: Plenty of reason to stay alert on Eutaw Street this year

It continues to be a busy time on Eutaw Street. After the 2012 season produced a record nine Eutaw Street home runs, the Indians’ Lonnie Chisenhall hit the fourth such home run of the 2013 season Thursday night. His blast was the 70th home run to reach Eutaw Street since Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992. There have only been five seasons when

Neal Shaffer: A few thoughts on the win-now mentality

Not that we necessarily needed proof, but last weekend’s series against the Blue Jays served as a stark reminder to O’s fans (and possibly to the Orioles themselves) that the American League East is very, very strong. Strong enough, indeed, that the O’s could finish solidly above .500 - win, say, 90 games - and still miss the playoffs. What to do? Truthfully, a case

Zach Wilt: The lucky Orioles a year later

A season ago, baseball pundits cited smoke and mirrors and luck as the reasons the Orioles were competing atop the American League East and in the hunt for their first spot in the postseason since 1997. These same experts reported that the O’s would fall back to earth and that their record was unsustainable due to their historic success in extra innings and games decided

Domenic Vadala: Instead of suspicion, Davis deserves benefit of doubt

There were a few things that were said last week that kind of bugged me. Chris Davis hit home runs last Sunday against Boston, and then again Monday and Wednesday (twice) at Detroit, and in Toronto on Friday. He currently leads the majors with 27 homers. But many fans, and even some people who follow the Orioles, don’t want to let a certain matter rest.

Use #AskAJ to chat with Adam Jones

Ever wondered what Adam Jones considers to be the breakfast of champions? Curious about the center fielder’s pregame rituals? Or what his favorite off-day activity is? Well, wonder no more! Each month during the season, MASNsports.com holds a live chat with the Orioles’ center fielder. But these chats, which stream on MASNsports.com, can’t happen without you, the fan. Leading up to the chat, we ask

Thirty-four years ago tonight, Orioles Magic was born

Today marks a significant anniversary in Birdland. Thirty-four years ago, on June 22, 1979, Orioles Magic was born. That’s the night that third baseman Doug DeCinces crushed a game-winning two-run homer - back in the day, we didn’t call them walk-offs - in the ninth inning off the Tigers’ Dave Tobik for a thrilling 6-5 victory before 35,456 at Memorial Stadium. Here is Bill O’Donnell’s

The other Ruth’s Cafe

Anyone who’s ever taken the Camden Yards tour knows this little nugget of Babe Ruth trivia: A cafe owned by the Babe’s father, called Ruth’s Cafe, operated on West Conway Street, roughly where Adam Jones currently patrols center field during home games. But did you know there was another Ruth’s Cafe, also run by the Sultan of Swat’s father and reportedly bought and paid for

Matthew Taylor: Approaching club record, no double trouble for Machado

One of the nice things about great individual performances are that they bring attention to past player accomplishments. Such is the case with Manny Machado and Brian Roberts. Machado hit his major league-leading 33rd double of the season this week, which tied Roberts’ Orioles record for most doubles prior to an All-Star Game. Machado is likely to break that 2008 mark as soon as this

Anthony Amobi: Orioles flying high and in control of their destiny

The Baltimore Orioles have been on quite a run this week, taking two of three from the Detroit Tigers and before that, taking three of four from the rival Boston Red Sox. In the offseason, a lot of experts doubted that the Orioles could repeat what they did in 2012 this season. So far, they have proven the naysayers wrong. As of this morning, 73

Neal Shaffer: All-Star voting indicates O’s gaining national prominence

Of all of the positive developments we’ve witnessed in Birdland over the past 18 months or so, the best one (outside of the playoffs) might be this year’s All-Star voting results. As of Monday, four Orioles - Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Chris Davis, and J.J. Hardy - were in position to start the All-Star Game. Not just make the team. Start. One more player -

Zach Wilt: I’d rather not see Chris Davis in the Home Run Derby

We’ve seen Chris Davis hit home runs with a broken bat and with one hand. He’s pulled them over the right field wall and flicked them the opposite way. He’s launched towering fly balls out of the yard and hit screaming line drives just over the top of outfield fences. We’ve seen 101 home runs come off Davis’ bat in his six years in the

Domenic Vadala: Are Orioles the best team in AL East?

I spoke last night with a friend of mine who’s one of these people who takes and analyzes everything literally. I might also throw in that this guy is not in any way, shape or form, a baseball person. His opinion of baseball is that the pitcher throws, and the batter hits and runs. According to him it’s that simple. Luckily we all know better.

Two walk-offs, two lift-offs (with pictures)

The date September 12, 2012 may not stand out in your mind, but for many Orioles fans, the highlights of that night’s game are fresh in their minds. Tied 2-2, the Rays and Orioles headed to the ninth in front of a crowd of 26,076. After two outs from Jim Johnson, Evan Longoria stepped to the plate. After working the count full, he hit a

Anthony Amobi: Can Strop figure it out?

Wednesday afternoon was a case study in frustration if you are an Orioles fan. The Orioles faced the Los Angeles Angels and were hoping a series sweep. Despite their talent level, the Angels have been lackluster this season, but they took advantage a Baltimore pitcher during the top of the seventh inning. The pitcher on the mound for the Orioles: Pedro Strop. That name has

The calm after the storm

We all know spring in Maryland brings unpredictable weather, but today was exceptionally whimsical. In the late afternoon, many of us in the Baltimore area saw all of the flash flood and tornado warnings on our phones and televisions. Around that time, it seemed near impossible that the Orioles would be able to play their series opener against the Red Sox. By game time, it

Yard Talk: Fans compare Mike Trout and Manny Machado

Last season, Manny Machado, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper made a big splash during their rookie campaigns. This season, these boys have proven they’re here to stay. Now the question is, which of these promising young players would you want on your team? Would you take Harper’s hustle and athleticism, Trout’s speed and power, or Machado’s glove and consistency? With the Angels making an appearance

Neal Shaffer: Is it easier to talk O’s baseball now than when team was losing?

There’s only one item on the agenda today and it’s a pretty simple one. It takes the form of a question: Is it harder to talk about the Orioles now than it was when they were losing? It is, a little bit, for me. When they were losing, I loved digging in on what ifs and maybes because the rest of the world treated Birdland

Zach Wilt: Chris Davis and the adjustment period

Baseball is a game of constant adjustments. This offseason, Chris Davis worked on fixing the holes in his swing and the adjustment resulted in a league-leading 20 home runs in his first 52 games. Now the rest of baseball has adjusted to Davis and it’s his job to take back that advantage and start crushing baseballs over the fences of ballparks across the country again.

Take on Adam Jones in the CareFirst Fan Challenge

As he is currently leading all American League outfielders in All-Star Game votes, one thing is for certain: Adam Jones is a tough competitor on the field. But what about off the field? Well, it’s up to you to find out. MASN is giving Orioles fans the chance to meet Jones and compete head-to-head with the center fielder during the CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield Adam

Domenic Vadala: The relative unfairness of the AL East

I’ve said numerous times on Birds Watcher that the birth of the current Orioles came on Sept. 28, 2011, when the O’s beat Boston on the final day of the season. We all know the story: Robert Andino’s RBI double, combined with Evan Longoria’s walk-off homer, knocked Boston out of the playoffs that year. The Orioles followed that up with an impromptu playoff birth in

Technical difficulties in St. Pete

Because of a major electrical malfunction in the production truck at Tropicana Field at St. Peterburg, Fla., you might notice a few changes on today’s Orioles-Rays broadcast on MASN. While we’re working to correct the problem, it’s possible we may start today’s game by utilizing the FOX feed from SunSports, the Rays network. That means you’ll be seeing game coverage with Rays-related graphics on-screen. We’re

Videos of Hunter Harvey, Josh Hart, Chance Sisco

The first two rounds of the First-Year Player Draft (which, by baseball verbiage, is officially called the Rule 4 draft) are in the books. The Orioles went prospecting for young talent, choosing three high school players - right-hander Hunter Harvey in the first round with the 22nd overall pick, center fielder Josh Hart in Round A of the competitive balance draft with the 37th overall

Matthew Taylor: How a second wild card might have rewritten O’s history

It’s June, and I’m scoreboard watching. I’ve actually been doing so since early May. It’s not the best way to weather periodic losing streaks, blown saves or even a rival’s hot streaks. Nevertheless, I do it all the same. The process is made more enjoyable by the realization that for much of the recent past there was no reason to scoreboard watch at any point

Anthony Amobi: O’s will need a consistent Chris Tillman if they’re going to win

For the past several seasons, Chris Tillman has been a very promising young arm for the Baltimore Orioles. However, from time to time, he is inconsistent, confounding and frustrating to watch on the mound. On Tuesday night, the Orioles defeated the Houston Astros 4-1, and Tillman was excellent, only allowing one run in seven innings of work. The Astros - universally predicted to be awful

Neal Shaffer: Don’t become what we’ve lamented

So we know that times are changing in Birdland. Winning doesn’t seem so weird. The Orioles no longer rank among the bottom feeders. With that comes renewed interest in the team, and with that comes more activity on game day. That means it’s time to sound a clarion call for all O’s fans to hear: Act like you know. When I read about the recent

Zach Wilt: Who’s a bigger surprise, Chris Davis or Manny Machado?

Chris Davis leads Major League Baseball with 20 home runs, and he’s on pace to hit 57 this season. Across the diamond, Manny Machado leads the league in doubles with 25. Over at BaltimoreSportsReport.com, in our little corner of the internet, we have been debating the biggest surprise on the O’s roster this season. Is it Davis or Machado? On Monday, Davis was named the

Domenic Vadala: Is Chris Davis an MVP candidate?

Going into the 2013 season, one of the big questions surrounding the Orioles was Chris Davis at first base. In 26 games at first last year, Davis fielded at a .989 clip and committed four errors before Mark Reynolds became the Orioles’ everyday first baseman. However, for the season overall, Davis hit .270 with 33 homers. I remember saying on Birds Watcher during spring training

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