#AskJPA: MASN president, Orioles executive VP John P. Angelos takes to Twitter to answer fan questions


Following his first successful #AskJPA Twitter session, Orioles executive vice president and president of MASN, John P. Angelos, once again took to his Twitter (@JohnPAngelos) to answer fans’ questions.

Twitter has given baseball and Orioles fans the opportunity to communicate directly with players, executives, writers and more in a personal and direct way. And this was no different; when fans submitted questions using #AskJPA on Twitter, they were answered by Angelos himself.

Fans wondering about many different topics surrounding the game, such as the impact that a salary cap would have in Major League Baseball or the possibility of an All-Star Game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, had their questions answered directly by the source on Friday afternoon.

Maybe you had a question similar to one answered. Check out some snippets of Angelos’ #AskJPA session below. To see all of the answers, be sure to search #AskJPA on Twitter and follow @JohnPAngelos.

To see snapshots from the inaugural #AskJPA session, please click here.

On season ticket plans:

JPA 1.png

JPA 2.png

On the idea of a salary cap:

JPA 3.jpg

JPA 4.jpg

On the All-Star Game vote:

JPA 5.jpg

JPA 6.jpg

On the future of the Orioles:

JPA 7.jpg

JPA 8.jpg

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