“Orioles Classic” rewind: Oriole Park Classics Game No. 1

It’s here. After a long winter, baseball returns for real tomorrow.

Though it’s been a fun offseason of “Orioles Classics” on MASN, we’re ready for the regular season. And we know you’ll be tuning in at 2 p.m. Monday when an hour-long edition of “O’s Xtra” kicks off MASN’s opening day coverage on MASN2.

But before that, we’ve got one more order of business.

As in No. 1.

Camden Yards daytime.jpgFor the past few months, we’ve been counting down the top games at Camden Yards, which celebrates its 25th anniversary season beginning tomorrow. Look for the patch on the sleeve of the Orioles’ uniforms - and think about all the memories you’ve had at the most beautiful ballpark in the major leagues.

We’ve reached the No. 1 game in Oriole Park history in our countdown, and if you’ve been keeping track, this game shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A hint? You want a hint? Hmmm, how about you lap up this clue and recall the most significant moment in Oriole Park annals.

Enjoy the game! It airs at 7 p.m. tonight.

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