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A sense of relief

Many thanks to “Bumblebee” in Japan for passing along the YouTube video of Koji Uehara that ran last week. You’ll need a translator, but it’s proof that he’s still alive (and playing catch). According to Bumblebee, Uehara tells his interviewer - a former player with the Yomiuri Giants - that he’s planning to throw more cutters and changeups this season. As long as we’re talking

Sarfate update

The Orioles are trying to work out a trade for Dennis Sarfate, rather than risk losing him to a waiver claim, after designating him for assignment on Wednesday. Once the Orioles cleared room on the 40-man roster for Miguel Tejada, they had 10 days to trade Sarfate, release him or put him on waivers. Sarfate believes that several teams will be interested in him. A

Kranitz on Bergesen

My ears are still ringing from the sound of Billy Butler’s line drive smacking off Brad Bergesen’s left shin. Imagine how it sounds to Bergesen. He’ll be a full-go in spring training after a long and painful recovery, but I keep wondering how he’ll react to the first ball that’s hit up the middle. And the second and third. I don’t know about Bergesen, but

Updating Koji

Orioles pitching coach Rick Kranitz, calling into last night’s Hot Stove Show on 105.7 The Fan and ESPN 1300, reported that Koji Uehara is throwing in Japan and apparently in good health after going on the disabled list for the last time on June 24 and missing the rest of the season. “Everything I’ve heard is that he’s throwing,” Kranitz said. “Obviously, we have to

Sorting through the bullpen

Is it true that Kurt Warner will hold a press conference today to announce whether Brett Favre is retiring? Perhaps I misunderstood. The Orioles’ news is slowing again, but not because president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail is letting the market play out. We’re approaching spring training and the camp roster is pretty much set. We’ll probably see a left-handed reliever signed to a minor

Trembley on Hendrickson

Orioles manager Dave Trembley is glad to have left-hander Mark Hendrickson back in his bullpen. Trembley talked about Hendrickson’s value as the 2009 season closed, and his opinion hasn’t changed. This is a signing that he endorsed from the beginning - one that will become official later this week. “Glad to have Hendrickson,” Trembley wrote in an e-mail. “He did well last year as a

Hendrickson says he’s back

How nice of Mark Hendrickson to announce last night at a sports banquet in Hanover, Pa. that he agreed to terms with the Orioles. Maybe I should have placed my last 12 calls to him over there. I was doing it all wrong. At least he saved me from making No. 13 later today. (I almost made No. 2 when I heard about this, if

More invites and reaction from Sarfate

The Orioles have invited six more players to spring training, including shortstop Blake Davis. Joining Davis will be catchers Luis Bernardo and Adam Donachie, infielder Miguel Abreu, outfielder Matt Angle and infielder/outfielder Jonathan Tucker. The Orioles also made Sarfate’s removal from the 40-man roster official. Sarfate received the news from his agent earlier today that the Orioles had designated him for assignment. He let it

The corresponding roster move

The Orioles have designated reliever Dennis Sarfate for assignment, a move made to create room on the 40-man roster for third baseman Miguel Tejada, who signed a one-year, $6 million contract yesterday after passing his physical. The club is expected to make the announcement later today, but Sarfate’s agent already has informed him of the move. Sarfate was 0-1 with a 5.09 ERA in 20

Miggy don’t lose that number

Miguel Tejada will wear No. 9 this season. Read all about it here on the team’s Twitter account - @birdlandinsider. Michael Aubrey wore No. 9 last year, after Gregg Zaun was traded, but I doubt that he’ll receive an expensive watch in return. I’m sure he’d settle for a spot on the 25-man roster. He’d probably have an easier time getting the Rolex.

This, that and the other

Miguel Tejada says he has no preference where he hits, so I guess he won’t be submitting his own lineup ideas to this blog. “Last year, I went from second to sixth,” he said. “Every day I was in the lineup, I was totally happy.” According to president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, Tejada told him, “Just put me in the lineup. Wherever you see

Regular duty for Tejada

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail addressed a question during the press conference that was directed at Miguel Tejada. He jumped in like a referee getting between two fighters, though he didn’t wave his arms and remove Tejada’s mouthpiece. A reporter wanted to know whether Tejada would have any issues with moving off third base to make room for Josh Bell later this summer, if

Getting Miggy with it

Let’s clear up the first controversy regarding Miguel Tejada: He hasn’t chosen a uniform number and he doesn’t really care. Tejada isn’t married to No. 10. He wore it during his first stint with the Orioles because No. 4 was retired. While he appreciated Adam Jones’ gesture to surrender 10 for a Rolex, he probably won’t press the issue. Miguel Tejada and Andy MacPhail discuss

Miggy and lefties (updated)

Miguel Tejada is expected to be re-introduced to the local media this afternoon after taking his physical. I’ll provide an update later today once all of the details are official, but you’ll probably want to keep your television tuned to MASN. Update: The Orioles will hold a press conference at 3 p.m. They didn’t specify the reason, but we’ll assume it involves Tejada. I’ll head

Policing the lineup (with a few more added)

A team that commits five turnovers and allows 12 men in the huddle after moving into field goal range doesn’t deserve to win, but a level playing field in the NFC championship game would have been nice. Three calls went against the Vikings in overtime, which again makes me wonder why they don’t demolish the review booth or use it as an extra concession stand.

Snyder, Bell and a message

A humorous exchange from FanFest: Brandon Snyder was standing beside me as Lou Montanez explained that he didn’t play first base in Puerto Rico. In an exasperated tone, Snyder said, “You’re playing first base now? Oh great! I guess I’ll start playing left field.” I don’t think Snyder needs to change positions again. He’s safe. It just might take a while for him to debut

Wrapping up FanFest

It’s done. I’m talking about FanFest and the Miguel Tejada rumors. More than 12,000 people attended today’s event. I personally counted each one. It would have been nice if you stood still and made it easier on me. I want to thank everyone who waited in line at the MASN booth to have a photo taken with me. You obviously had some time to kill.

Blair’s health scare

The latest forum taking place on the main stage includes members of the 1970 world championship team, and it’s a huge relief to see Paul Blair on the panel. Blair, my favorite player growing up, suffered a heart attack on Dec. 22. He was released on Christmas Day and said he’s feeling much better. Blair said he was bowling when he began to experience tightness

MacPhail still dancing around the subject

During his latest forum, president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail reminded fans that he can’t confirm any contract agreements until the player passes his physical. But he did his best to get the message across about Miguel Tejada. He wasn’t going to issue any denials. Everyone knows the deal is done. And the crowd broke out in applause as MacPhail dropped more hints. “All I

Putting on a happy face

More than 10,000 fans are here, and they’re still filing through the doors. They’re probably having a better time than Ty Wigginton, who’s doing his best to hide his disappointment in the Orioles’ roster moves. Wigginton agreed to a two-year deal last winter because he was led to believe that he might be a starter in 2010. Aubrey Huff and Melvin Mora weren’t expected to

Samuel’s new challenge

Third base coach Juan Samuel is responsible for working with the infielders, which means he’ll have to ease Miguel Tejada’s transition to third base. Assuming that Tejada passes his physical, he’ll be playing a new position with the Orioles. It’s nice to hear that he’s finally willing to move over from shortstop, but can he handle it? The Orioles have only won half the battle.

While I was away...

I spent the last hour posing for photos at the MASN booth as fans passed by with updates on Miguel Tejada. The Orioles do their best business when I’m away from my laptop. They reached agreements with Mike Gonzalez and Garrett Atkins while I attended the MASN holiday party, and they’ve apparently done the same with Tejada. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec has confirmed it. President

FanFest - Part II

President of baseball operations dropped a heavier hint that the club will sign a third baseman next week. “We made significant progress recently,” he said. MacPhail said “nothing is finalized,” but he’s confident a deal will get done within the next few days. Asked if it’s a third baseman, he paused before replying that it’s “fair speculation.” Garrett Atkins has been swinging a bat for

Early observations from FanFest

That was quite the long line wrapping around the Baltimore Convention Center this morning as I arrived here at 9:30 a.m. Hello right back to everyone who shouted out my name. And please, no “Mr. Kubatko.” Call me “Roch.” Season-ticket holders were allowed early entrance for the Andy MacPhail/Dave Trembley forum, which began with a moment of silence for Curt Motton. MacPhail indicated again that

MacPhail on Bedard

The Orioles retain interest in left-hander Erik Bedard after going over his medical records, but they don’t sense that he’s on the verge of signing with anyone. “We have had conversations, we have reviewed the medical stuff,” president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said earlier tonight. “We remember Erik the way he pitched for us, which was just positively dominating over the course of the

Cornering MacPhail

The Orioles won’t be introducing a new acquisition at tomorrow’s FanFest. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail pointed out during the Hot Stove Show on 105.7 The Fan that a player would have to pass a physical first, and since the club hasn’t reached agreement with a free agent, “the likelihood of somebody being announced and then popping out from behind a curtain is about

Shameless plug alert

The Hot Stove Show returns to 105.7 The Fan and ESPN 1300 tonight at 8 p.m., with Jim Hunter sitting across from your favorite blogger. I’m referring to myself, in case there was any confusion. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail is scheduled to call into the program at the top of the hour. Left-hander Brian Matusz will join us at 8:30 p.m. Once I

Remembering Curt Motton (updated)

I have the unfortunate task of passing along some sad news. The Orioles lost another member of their family when former outfielder Curt Motton died last night at age 69. Only a year ago, Motton appeared to be in good health. Friends were shocked when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and his courageous battle ended last night. Motton played eight seasons in the majors,

Because You Asked - Red, White and Blonde

It’s time once again to tackle the questions that keep popping back up after I’ve launched myself into them and been flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit. You know the routine. I answer them, you ask me again, I answer them, you ask me again. It’s the School of Roch dance. Dim the lights and let me lead. • Do you think the Orioles have any

Where’s Blake Davis?

Looking at the list of spring training invitees, I have to wonder what happened to infielder Blake Davis. Davis made a solid impression last spring before fracturing a bone in his foot and undergoing surgery that limited him to 55 games with Triple-A Norfolk. The Orioles regard him as being ready defensively at shortstop. They just wonder how much he’ll hit. I know the minor

Orioles this, Orioles that

I’ll open the morning with a quick thought on Japanese pitcher Hisanori Takahashi: A few readers here are disturbed that the Orioles would bother pursuing Takahashi, but team officials aren’t doing it with the same intensity that marked their negotiations with Koji Uehara and Kenshin Kawakami. They’re obviously intrigued by him. He’s a lefty with an assortment of pitches, including a screwball. He has experience

Interest remains in Takahashi

The Orioles have engaged in talks with pitcher Hisanori Takahashi and retain interest in the Japanese left-hander, but they’re unsure whether he’ll join former teammate Koji Uehara in the organization. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said the club has talked to him “in general terms about what we’d offer and whether he’d be interested.” Takahashi is claiming that he’s received a major league offer,

Spring invitees (updated)

The Orioles have invited 12 non-roster players to spring training: Left-handers Chris George and Mike Hinckley; right-handers Jake Arrieta, Frank Mata, Josh Perrault, Alfredo Simon and Ross Wolf; catchers Michel Hernandez, Caleb Joseph and Chad Moeller; outfielder Jeff Salazar; and infielder Scott Moore. The Orioles will have to create room on the 40-man roster if anyone from this group makes the club. Moeller is the

More from Matusz

Twitter strikes again. We had a young reporter tweet yesterday that the Blue Jays signed Carlos Delgado - that supposedly was the “word out of Puerto Rico” - but their general manager and Delgado’s agent, David Sloane, quickly denied the report. Delgado, it seems, is still a free agent. There’s no need to fact-check anymore. Just get the rumor out there and worry about the

Matusz interviewed, and upcoming promotions (with Guthrie update)

Orioles left-hander Brian Matusz, who will be in Baltimore this weekend for FanFest, was interviewed by phone earlier today on the Scott Garceau and Anita Marks Show on MASN and 105.7 The Fan. Matusz would like the Orioles to sign veteran left-hander Erik Bedard, who remains on the free-agent market and continues to draw interest. “That would be another great addition if we could end

No arbitration for Scott

The Orioles have reached agreement on a one-year deal with Luke Scott on the day that arbitration-eligible players had to submit their salary figures. The Orioles tendered Scott a contract last month and figured to avoid a hearing with him. The team still needs to reach agreement with pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, who also was tendered a contract last month.

Getting Miggy with it?

If I had to wager, I’d put my money on Joe Crede playing third base for the Orioles over former shortstop Miguel Tejada. Just don’t refer back to my NFL picks this season. I understand that things change as the market plays out. I also assumed that Tejada would be off the board three weeks into Janauary, but he’s still on it. And interest in

This, that and the other

I’m predicting that the Colts and Saints meet in the Super Bowl, and we’ll be bombarded with stories about Peyton Manning facing his father’s old team. That won’t get tired. If you want Jose Offerman to be your team’s next manager, keep in mind that he’s liable to deck the plate umpire during the exchange of lineup cards. This isn’t the first time that Offerman

Taking inventory

I don’t expect the Orioles to begin the season with Michael Aubrey at first base, but I also didn’t expect the Jets to play in the AFC championship game or the snow to finally melt in my yard. If the Orioles decide to sift through their inventory, which isn’t their first choice, Aubrey would have to rank as the favorite to emerge with the job.

Luke at what happened

You’ve seen the splits on Luke Scott. You know he was a viable candidate for first-half team MVP after batting .305 with 18 homers and 51 RBIs. You also know he fell apart in the second half, batting .208 with seven homers and 26 RBIs. He’s always been a streaky hitter, but this is extreme. So what happened? “I think Luke put too much pressure

Crow and Reimold

Orioles hitting coach Terry Crowley, calling into Friday night’s edition of the Hot Stove Show on 105.7 The Fan and ESPN 1300, heaped a lot of praise on the young talent on the roster, including right fielder Nick Markakis. “I feel like Nicky’s due for an All-Star season,” Crowley said. “Actually, for me, he had four All-Star seasons, but the general public has to recognize

Statement from Brooks

Not many people are aware that Brooks Robinson has been dealing with a serious health issue. I’m thrilled to report that he was released from the hospital late yesterday and is doing fine. Robinson and his family wanted to keep the matter private, which I certainly understand and respect. I’m just thankful that he’s home again. The following is a statement from No. 5, which

Talking baseball...

I guess the frustration that’s boiling over here hasn’t reached Sarasota, because I’m told the lines are incredibly long to purchase tickets at Ed Smith Stadium. The locals say it’s similar to the turnout after the Reds traded for Ken Griffey Jr. I wonder how it compares to the lines at the executive airport in Fort Lauderdale. I’m not sure why the Orioles would skip

What logjam?

If you’re wondering why the Orioles aren’t concerned about a logjam in the outfield, I can give you two pretty good reasons. Nolan Reimold isn’t certain that he’ll be full-go when he reports to spring training next month. He still hasn’t done any sprints since undergoing surgery on his left Achilles on Sept. 23. Felix Pie didn’t play winter ball because his injured left quadriceps

A few Oriole items

I’ve dug up a few nuggets that might get you through the night. • At this time, the Orioles don’t plan on having a scout attend Ben Sheets’ throwing session Tuesday in Louisiana. That could change, but it’s not likely. Sheets didn’t seem interested in signing here when the Orioles met with his agent last month at the winter meetings (which takes us back to

Shameless plug alert

It wouldn’t be Friday without a shamless plug. I’ll be joining Steve Melewski tonight for the Hot Stove Show that runs from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 105.7 The Fan and ESPN 1300. Outfielder Nolan Reimold will join us at the top of the hour, and hitting coach Terry Crowley will follow at 8:30 p.m. You can be sure that Reimold will provide an

Orioles scouting Delgado

It isn’t much, but this will have to pass as news: The Orioles sent a representative to Puerto Rico this week to scout first baseman Carlos Delgado. I knew that was the plan, but I still wanted to get confirmation that they’re monitoring Delgado, who’s batting .280 with one homer and two RBIs in eight games and 25 at-bats with Gigantes de Carolina. He’s walked

FanFest update (with an update)

More than 60 current, former and future (hopefully) Orioles players and coaches will participate in FanFest on Jan. 23 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with 10 a.m. entry for season-plan holders. Players expected to attend include MATT ALBERS, ROBERT ANDINO, GARRETT ATKINS, MICHAEL AUBREY, JOSH BELL, BRAD BERGESEN, JASON BERKEN, ALBERTO CASTILLO, BRANDON ERBE, MIKE GONZALEZ,

LaRoche off the board?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have reached agreement on a one-year deal with free-agent first baseman Adam LaRoche, according to this tweet from Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Does this make sense? LaRoche reportedly turned down a two-year, $17 million offer from the Giants to sign for one year with the Diamondbacks. Maybe he’s banking on a big season so he can test the market again

Random thoughts

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson doesn’t receive a single MVP vote, but he’s named AP’s Offensive Player of the Year? Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is named MVP, but he’s not the AP’s Offensive Player of the Year? A little help, please. Your daily Carlos Delgado update: He went 0-for-2 with a run scored as the designated hitter before being removed for a pinch-hitter

Quick Hill update

Left-hander Rich Hill expects to sign a contract today or tomorrow, and he hasn’t formally eliminated the Orioles from consideration after they offered him a minor league deal. “Not yet,” he said. However, Hill indicated that one team might be willing to give him a major league contract. If that’s the case, you can cross the Orioles off his list. “I’ve talked with a number

This, that and the other

Carlos Delgado went 1-for-4 last night and is batting .304. He started at first base and didn’t break a hip. Delgado was removed for a pinch-runner in the seventh inning, which could explain the hip thing. The Blue Jays reportedly are keeping close watch on Delgado, and it would be interesting to have him back in Toronto with new play-by-play announcer Buck Martinez, his former

A few spring training tidbits

The Orioles’ pitchers and catchers report to their new spring training home in Sarasota on Feb. 17, with the first workout being held the following day. The first full-squad workout, including position players, takes places on Feb. 23. Four teams in the American League (Royals, Angels, Yankees, Mariners) and seven in the National League (Cubs, Reds, Rockies, Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals, Giants) have the same report

Bordick school - Part II

Here are a few leftovers from Friday night’s interview with new minor league offensive coordinator Mike Bordick: On how the Orioles look to him: “They’re looking good, in my opinion. And obviously, after the season they had last year, there’s really only one way to go and that’s up. I know the competition in the East is tough. The other teams aren’t getting any worse,

Bordick school

As the Orioles’ new minor league offensive coordinator, former shortstop Mike Bordick won’t be wearing a headset and implementing the shotgun. And I won’t be making any Gilbert Arenas jokes. Bordick will teach the small-ball approach to some impressionable youngsters, while also being available to assist in other areas, such as defense and baserunning. His methods will meld with those belonging to roving hitting instructor

Selig’s response to McGwire

Commissioner Bud Selig has issued a statement regarding Mark McGwire’s admission today that the former slugger used steroids. The statement doesn’t begin with, “It’s about time.” “I am pleased that Mark McGwire has confronted his use of performance-enhancing substances as a player. Being truthful is always the correct course of action, which is why I had commissioned Senator George Mitchell to conduct his investigation. This

Cleaning out my notebook

Did Randy Moss play yesterday? The guy looked so bored, I was waiting for him to send a text message while running a route. Does it make anyone else feel old that Otis Nixon celebrated his 51st birthday over the weekend? Then again, he looked 51 during his rookie season. Aubrey Huff reportedly has agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal with the San Francisco

Chapman off the board? (updated)

If you predicted that Ray Rice would average 83 yards per carry today, you’re looking pretty smart right now. Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has agreed to a $30 million deal with a National League club, according to a tweet from Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. That’s an impressive sum for a pitcher who brings such mixed reviews. Some teams love him, others question his character

Montanez and Pie

Lou Montanez apparently has completed his stay in the Puerto Rican Winter League after 28 games. Montanez batted .324 with 10 doubles, one triple, three homers and 13 RBIs for Criollos de Caguas. His last at-bats came on Dec. 29. “I think he played to the extent that he wanted to play. He did what he was supposed to do,” president of baseball operations Andy

Orioles this, Orioles that

While wondering how Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson failed to receive a single MVP vote... The Orioles aren’t going to sign a full-time designated hitter as long as Luke Scott remains on the roster. And while he’s a trade chip who has generated interest among a few teams - including the Mariners before they acquired Casey Kotchman - the Orioles aren’t actively shopping him.

Here’s the pitch...

The Orioles are looking to add pitching. Any kind of pitching. It doesn’t have to be a starter, though adjusting the rotation again remains a possibility. “I would say right now we’d like to add a corner infielder, but we don’t really have to because we can go internally if we need to. But we’re still looking at that,” president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail

Interest remains in Delgado

The Orioles will send representatives to Puerto Rico next week to scout Carlos Delgado, who recently began playing for Gigantes de Carolina. Delgado hit his first home run last night, a solo shot in the eighth inning, and collected his first two RBIs. He’s batting .364. The Orioles tried to scout him in Puerto Rico earlier this winter, but he wasn’t ready to play. Delgado

Minor achievement on Sept. 20, 1998

Another rumor for me to chase: I hear Tom Brady’s baby wanted to bounce on daddy’s knee, and he drew a 15-yard penalty. I’m playing a hunch here, but I bet Ryan Minor’s legacy in baseball won’t have anything to do with being hired as Delmarva’s manager. It has to be his tenure as a York Revolution coach. Or maybe - just maybe - it

Minor promotion

After two years as field coach at Single-A Delmarva, Ryan Minor is getting the opportunity to manage. And he’ll feel right at home despite limited experience in the role, since he lives in Salisbury and has a short commute to the ballpark. Minor has managed in the instructional league, so he’s not a total stranger to the job. Otherwise, he’s served as a coach for

Minor league staffs

Gary Allenson returns for his fifth season as manager at Triple-A Norfolk. Mike Griffin returns as pitching coach, but former Single-A Frederick manager Richie Hebner has replaced Dallas Williams as field coach. Former Norfolk pitching coach Larry McCall drops down to rookie-level Bluefield. And you’ll recognize some familiar names at Single-A Delmarva. Here’s the complete list: Norfolk: Gary Allenson (manager) Mike Griffin (pitching coach) Richie

The Orioles’ side of the story

Orioles director of international scouting John Stockstill told me late last night that the club has “evaluators” at the Dominican Prospect League who are “reporting to us on a regular basis.” Stockstill described the league as “basically a showcase” of Dominican teenage players who weren’t drafted. It’s largely gone unnoticed among fans here until ESPN.com ran a story yesterday with agent Brian Mejia noting how

Hoiles talks about Alomar

Like many of us, former Orioles catcher Chris Hoiles believes that Roberto Alomar belongs in the Hall of Fame, noting that his old teammate might be the best second baseman to play the game. “I played against him when he was in Toronto prior to coming over to Baltimore, and you knew he was a good player,” Hoiles said earlier today. “He was the guy

Alomar not elected

Andre Dawson was voted into the Hall of Fame today, but Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven were left on the outside. Dawson will be honored along with manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey, who were elected last month by the Veterans Committee. Candidates must receive 75 percent of the votes for election. Blyleven and Alomar narrowly missed, so look for them to make it

Alomar’s HOF credentials

Is ESPN really coming out with a 3-D channel? I can’t wait for the network to launch ESPN-Boxer Briefs, the first channel that requires you to strip down before watching. (I don’t count late-night Cinemax.) The latest Hall of Fame inductees will be announced today at 2 p.m., and I’m predicting that Roberto Alomar is elected on the first ballot. Alomar won a record 10

Dwindling market for LaRoche?

The Orioles need a corner infielder, and first baseman Adam LaRoche looks like the most appealing option among the free agents on the market. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets that LaRoche turned down the Giants’ two-year, $17 million offer. At least he hasn’t panicked yet. Olney speculates (and that’s all he’s doing here) that the Giants and Orioles are the only potential suitors for LaRoche. The

In the news...

Gilbert Arenas claims that he brought guns into the Wizards’ locker room so he could play a joke on a teammate. The Wizards should claim they were only joking when they gave him that $111 million contract. Carlos Delgado went 2-for-4 with a strikeout last night in the Puerto Rican Winter League. He batted fourth again as the designated hitter. I find it amusing that

Springing forward - Part II

If you missed it, former Oriole John Parrish signed a minor league deal with the Royals. Here’s hoping that Parrish doesn’t report to spring training in a body cast. Also, ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting that the Cardinals and outfielder Matt Holliday are close to a deal, which has pretty much been the word around baseball today. And SI.com’s Jon Heyman tweets that the Red

Springing forward

While wondering if Gilbert Arenas simply misunderstood what his coach meant by a morning shootaround... I’ve got about six more weeks before I fly into the Sarasota airport with a look of confusion and angst on my face. I don’t know how to fly a plane. Actually, it’s because my comfort zone for spring training will be gone. I’ll feel lost for a while, not

Delgado debuts

Carlos Delgado made his long-awaited debut tonight in the Puerto Rican Winter League, going 1-for-4 while batting fourth as the designated hitter for Gigantes de Carolina. That’s good enough for me. Sign him. Kidding. I don’t want a singles hitter batting cleanup for the Orioles. Again, kidding. We’ll judge him later in the month. More important, the Orioles will do so after scouting him. Lou

Venting machine

Please tell me why I’m forced to watch the San Diego-Washington game on FOX-45, instead of the Dallas-Philadelphia matchup that’s much more interesting and important? Who’s the pinhead behind that decision? Is it coming from the network or the league? I need answers. I want his name and home address. I know we’re supposed to be slobbering all over the Ravens today, but my television

Who’s on first? - Part II

The NFL Network still lists the Denver Broncos as one of the two wild card teams in the AFC, and the Ravens as being “in the hunt” with an identical record. Shouldn’t that be reversed, since the Ravens beat the Broncos earlier this season? I understand that it’s a complicated formula, but the Ravens are in if they win. Picking winners against the spread is

Who’s on first?

We still don’t know. Orioles manager Dave Trembley remains convinced that the first base situation “will be addressed before spring training,” as he wrote in an e-mail to me earlier today. That could mean Garrett Atkins or an acquisition from outside the organization. It doesn’t sound like Trembley expects to rummage through the inventory, but he might be playing a hunch. More likely, he’s basing

The first entry of 2010

Happy New Year to everyone here at the School of Roch. I hope your head isn’t pounding so loudly that the neighbors can hear it. I’m not big on resolutions, but I refuse to watch any bowl game that’s named for a corporate sponsor. That means the Outback Bowl can bite it. Same to you, Capital One Bowl. The Konica Minolta Gator Bowl gets a

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