About last night...

The days and games seem to run together, so I’m trying to get confirmation that the Orioles won last night after falling behind Zack Greinke, 3-0.

This didn’t happen two years ago. I’m pretty sure it was more recent - perhaps about eight hours ago.

I’ll admit that more than a few people in the press box last night remarked how the game was likely over after the Royals took a 1-0 lead. That seemed like enough support for Greinke. And it’s not like the Orioles have spoiled Kevin Millwood up to this point in the season.


I’ll say one thing for this team: It hasn’t quit on manager Dave Trembley.

You can rip the guy for the lineup shuffling, handling of the bullpen, constant breakdown in fundamentals, lack of outward emotion in the dugout, rain delays, whatever gets under your skin. But 25 guys aren’t rooting for him to get bounced.

The confusion might come from the moments when they look beaten down by that 2-16 start. Aren’t we all?

There are lapses in hustle and times when you wonder if the lights are on, but nobody’s home, especially the day after Alfredo Simon’s blown save, but the Orioles don’t fight back last night if they’ve pulled the sheet over 2010. They don’t take down the Mariners with that remarkable comeback that was capped by Luke Scott’s grand slam.

I’m often asked, “Has he lost the clubhouse?” Fans know that’s usually the clincher. Well, Trembley doesn’t need a GPS to find it, for what that’s worth.

It’s a strange feeling to show up at the ballpark wondering whether this could be the last game, looking for any hints that a press conference is being hastily arranged (I took it as a good sign that only one microphone was set up in the interview room last night), unsure whether it’s safe to make plans for the next morning and risk missing that all-important e-mail or phone call.

I’m smart enough to know that getting swept by the Nationals this weekend won’t stabilize the ground beneath Trembley’s feet. That series is followed by the dreaded off-day. I wouldn’t leave my house for the next 24 hours, just waiting for the hammer to come down.

It’s no fun living this way, but it’s nothing compared to what Trembley’s dealing with. Not even close.

I wonder if splitting in Texas and taking two of three from the Nationals would add a few layers to that ground.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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