Guthrie wasn’t 100 percent

Jeremy Guthrie said he felt sore tonight before taking the mound, though he didn’t get specific. Just...sore.

That could be why Jake Arrieta was scratched from his start at Triple-A Norfolk.

Arrieta wouldn’t have started here tonight, of course, but he might have provided some bullpen help tomorrow if the Orioles had scratched Guthrie.

Check Steve Melewski’s blog for post-game quotes from Guthrie.

Also, interim manager Juan Samuel said he doesn’t anticipate the Orioles calling up Arrieta over the next few days. However, he didn’t exactly slam the door on the possibility, saying he’d have to see what developed tomorrow.

Asked about Arrieta being scratched, Samuel said, “We’re just trying to get our options open, just give us some flexibility in case we needed some help. As you guys know, we used most of the bullpen last night and it was very positive tonight. Guthrie gave us a lot of innings. Just trying to give us some flexibility in case we needed to do something.”

And that, I hope, is my last Arrieta reference of the night.

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