Trembley’s tenure apparently nearing end

The rumblings are become more intense at this late hour that Dave Trembley has been notified, or will be told early tomorrow morning, that he’s been replaced as Orioles manager.

I can’t get confirmation from the Orioles, but look for an announcement in the morning. It won’t drag out much longer, but nothing is going to be made official tonight.

Third base coach Juan Samuel is expected to take over on an interim basis, which also has been widely speculated. No word on who would take over his duties.

I’m passing along as much information as I can before going to bed. I’ll have a lot more to report in the morning and will chime in with some thoughts on Trembley and the team.

I will say, before turning off my laptop, that Trembley is a good man who loves the Orioles as if he grew up rooting for them. He lived and breathed this job. He also cares a great deal about the fans. It isn’t just for show.

I hope that means something to even his harshest critics.

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