When it all went bad (updated)

Frank Mata retired the only batter he faced in the sixth inning, getting Alex Rodriguez to bounce out with the bases loaded and the count full. It wasn’t tidy, but it was gutsy.

Interim manager Juan Samuel played the matchup game in the seventh, bringing in left-hander Mark Hendrickson with two left-handers and a switch-hitter due up.

Ah, the percentages.

The Yankees just hung six runs on the board, with Matt Albers replacing Hendrickson and giving up a bases-clearing double to Nick Swisher and monstrous two-run homer to Mark Teixeira.

Yankees 12, Orioles 3.

Hendrickson is charged with four runs and three hits in one-third of an inning, raising his ERA to 5.74. Matt Albers is charged with two runs and two hits in two-thirds of an inning, raising his ERA to 5.53.

Easy to second-guess, and I’m not crowning Frank Mata as the best option in the bullpen, but I would have let him start the seventh and tried to avoid another parade of relievers. And it’s not like Samuel was going with two hot hands.

Is it time to tweak this bullpen again? Is some heavier demolition work needed?

Dennis Sarfate should get another chance (I’m ignoring the four runs he gave up in his previous outing at Triple-A Norfolk, especially because he just struck out the side in the ninth.)

What about left-hander Chris George? Armando Gabino? Alfredo Simon will be here shortly. Maybe that’ll help.

No worries about finding room on the 40-man for the non-roster guys.

Tonight’s attendance: 23,171.

Updated: Adam Jones hit a two-run homer in the eighth. Yankees 12, Orioles 5. It’s the Orioles’ first home run since Luke Scott went deep on Thursday. Matt Wieters has three hits.

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